Do you have a junk car that’s been sitting in your driveway or on your property for months or years? Are you tired of it taking up space? Well, you may be in luck. Vehicles are some of the most recyclable products in the world and someone may actually pay you to take it off your hands.

What is a Junk Car?

 The term “junk car” gets thrown around a lot, but people don’t always know what they’re talking about. Contrary to popular belief, a junk car isn’t an old car that you’re looking to sell for a couple thousand bucks to someone who wants a cheap ride

“Many people have the false impression that salvage and junk cars are basically the same thing,” Junk Cars for Cash MN explains. “To set the record straight, junk cars are classified as vehicles that are so damaged they are no longer safe to repair or used on the road. Salvaged cars on the other hand, have undergone a series of repairs and are still considered roadworthy.” 

5 Tips for Getting Rid of It

If you truly have a junk vehicle – and not just an old beater – then you’re probably itching to unload it. Before getting too far along, here are some things you need to know: 

  1. Find Someone Who Will Take It

 The first step is to find a place to take your junk vehicle. There are numerous options and, depending on the condition of the car and what you’re looking to get in return, you may have some flexibility here.

The most popular option is to work with a junkyard or salvage yard. However, you may also find that a local mechanic school or organization will take your vehicle for students and members to practice on. You probably won’t get any money, but at least you know the vehicle is being put to good use. 

  1. Remove Valuable Components

 Because most salvage yards only care about scrap metal, you might as well go ahead and remove valuable components that you can sell individually. This includes things like tires, GPS or stereo systems, and car batteries. Sometimes these items can fetch as much or more than the scrap metal. 

  1. Gather All Documentation

 While it’s technically possible for you to junk a vehicle without having the title and proof of ownership, this makes things more complicated.

One of the first things you should do is find the title so that you can make the transfer of ownership as smooth as possible. If you can’t find the title, you should be able to get it replaced at your local DMV.  

  1. Clean Out Personal Belongings

 While you probably haven’t used the vehicle in a while, you should double-check that you don’t have any personal belongings in it before junking. Look everywhere – especially the trunk – and take out anything you want to keep. 

  1. Breathe a Sigh of Relief

 Once you hand over the vehicle, take a moment to breath a sigh of relief. You no longer have a junk vehicle sitting on your property, and your wallet may look a little better.

Stop Putting It Off

You’ve had that junk car sitting in your driveway for years now. The neighbors have made comments, you’re tired of looking at it, and you want to remove the eyesore from your property. You can either continue to deal with this burden, or you can pay someone to take it off your hands. The choice between the two seems pretty clear.