Buying your next car or truck will likely be an important decision for you to make.

That said do you have any inkling to if you should buy from a dealership or private seller?

Given there are pros and cons to each, it is wise to do your homework and go from there.

Why is Research so Critical?

In buying your next vehicle, putting the time and effort into research is critical.

So, you should take whatever time is needed to get the decision on buying new or used correct. The last thing you can afford is hurrying or doing little to no research and getting a lemon.

When it comes to buying something new, here are a few pros and cons to think about:


1. You get something that has little to no mileage on it. As such, odds are the vehicle will last you for many years if you take care of it. This can all but guarantee you comfort to know you have a vehicle you can depend on.

2. Something with added safety – With more tech in new cars and trucks, know you are safer out on the roads. The tech you get in your new vehicle can better protect you and your passengers each time out.

3. Being proud of what you drive – Finally, a new vehicle gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Consider it payout for all the hard work you do.


1. Cost can be a challenge – If money is a little tight for you, buying a new vehicle can make things more challenging. Make sure you do not get in over your head with the sticker price, monthly payments and more.

2. Worries about damages – When you have a new set of wheels, you may worry about dents and scratches. That is as opposed to a used vehicle you may not care quite as much about. With a brand new vehicle, do your best to keep it looking pristine.

When it comes to buying an older vehicle, here are a few pros and cons to mull over:


1. Saving money – The thought of saving money on the next vehicle you buy can be entertaining. Not having to shell out a lot of money can provide some relief both in terms of your wallet and not stressing as much.

2. Online info – Know that you can use the Internet to help you gain info on used vehicles for sale in your area. So, if you spot the license plate info of a used car or truck for sale, head to the Internet. Once there, you can lookup the owner of a vehicle that you have eyes on. Find out potentially about any past accidents or recalls that should be of concern.


1. Get taken for a ride – Be careful when buying a used vehicle. Although it is not the norm, you do not want to get taken for a ride (see more below). That is a dealer or private seller selling you a vehicle on its last ride. Again, this is why research matters so much. Do not buy another vehicle owner’s problem auto.

2. Having too many repairs – An older vehicle can break down more often. As such, you can be stuck with one repair after another if not careful. Too many repairs can eat into your wallet.

In buying your next auto, what route will you go?