Are you wondering whether or not to hire a lawyer?

Taking on an attorney can be a complicated decision. First of all, it’s a huge financial risk. Attorneys cost thousands of dollars, and if you don’t win your case, all that money can go down the drain.

However, there are risks to not having a lawyer as well. Unless you’ve studied law, there’s no way you’ll be able to know the law as well as an attorney does. If you’re in legal trouble, that can be a problem.

But how do you know when to get an attorney and when to keep your money in your pockets? Below, we’ll go into the specifics. Keep reading to see if you should lawyer up!

When to Hire a Lawyer

There are several instances in which you should, no matter what, call a lawyer.

If you’re in any of these situations, don’t wait another second! Find experienced attorneys today and give them a call!

Criminal Accusations

Have you been handcuffed, arrested, or under investigation for a crime?

If so, then it’s time to get a lawyer.

When criminal cases go to court, they are brought in front of a jury. This panel of 6 to 12 common people must listen to evidence from each side of the case. They then decide whether you are guilty or innocent. 

It is legal to represent yourself in court. However, you’re running a huge risk when you do so, especially if the other side has an attorney.

Legal professionals know how to present evidence to juries in a compelling manner. It’s their entire profession. Because of this, it is best to hire an attorney if you want your name cleared.

You Have Been Injured or Caused Injury

Have you been injured because of someone’s negligence? Are you being unfairly accused of intentional or negligent injury?

You might want to get a lawyer to help you win your case. Either way, you will need to defend your story with evidence and make smart legal moves.

When to Walk Away

The list above contained just a few examples of when you should hire a lawyer.

But are there any cases in which you should just walk away? Definitely.

Although it may pain you to let it go when someone hurts you, you don’t want to exacerbate your situation with unnecessary lawyer fees. 

Let’s go into some examples of when to walk away.

When You Have Been Fired

Now, there are exceptions to this. If you’ve been wrongfully accused, or if the job is doing something illegal, you should hire lawyers.

Otherwise, getting into a legal case might hurt your future job prospects.

Offensive Comments

Think carefully before suing someone when they write something offensive about you. 

Unless it brings about a criminal case, people will likely forget about it. If you jump on something people would have forgotten about, you could end up drawing more attention to the negative comments.

Plus, the line between defamation and free speech is thin, which means you might not win your case.

Additional Actions

Whether or not you decide to hire a lawyer, there are additional actions you can take.

First, talk to a therapist about what happened to you and get their advice on the situation. Reach out to trusted friends and family as well.

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