Working from home has become a trend during the past calendar due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and so many have been forced to stay at home and work from home. Due to this, there has always been the tendency to be more distracted at home and so we have created a list of apps that we have found to help towards productivity whilst working from home.

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One of the big winners of the pandemic have been the Microsoft 365 which have brought Microsoft Teams with have been a great way for teams to stay connected during this period of working from home, setting out daily goals for the team, and being an all-round tool for business to use for their team and project work. Of course, Teams isn’t the only thing that you get with Word, Excel and Outlook which have become the go to package for businesses to use for the past couple of decades – certainly worth the hefty price tag. 

During lockdown, many office workers have been looking for alternative ways of entertaining themselves through this lockdown and here at has been the perfect way for employees to stay entertained and even produce a profit from the comfort of your own home. These particular casinos are offering one of the best all round casino experiences on the internet. 

Other apps that have seen huge traction during this period has been Zoom which has been the best application to be used to continue to conduct business meetings throughout the lockdown. During this period, of course business meetings haven’t been able to take place for obvious reason, but Zoom has been the saviour for this and enable business to conduct their usual business remotely. Not only this, but it has created a trend of families also using the Zoom app to catch up with their relatives who they possibly haven’t seen in a year now. The company has reported huge profits during this period.

Slack is another new business on the market that have also benefitted during the pandemic as they have given businesses the perfect way for colleagues and clients to stay in touch with an instant messaging service. Gone are the days of sending lengthy e-mails to colleagues when you can now just get on board with Slack and quickly get response through their instant messaging services and you can now set up different channels depending on who you want to contact e.g. different teams, projects, clients etc.