Biking To Work

If you work outside of the home, chances are that you drive your own car into your job each day. While there likely are options like public transportation, carpooling, and more, most people tend to find that driving themselves into work just fits better for them. But if you haven’t ever biked to work before, you might not realize just how beneficial this form of transportation could be for you.

So to help encourage you to try something new on your commute, here are three reasons to consider biking to work rather than driving. 

To Avoid Traffic, Car Accidents, and Parking Fiascos

Being in your car opens you up to certain vulnerabilities, regardless of where you live or how long it takes you to get to work. Some of the most common ones, especially during morning and evening commuting hours, include things like traffic, situations resulting in car accidents, and issues with parking. 

But if you choose to bike rather than drive to work, you can avoid all of these issues at the same time. According to Mandi Woodruff, a contributor to Business Insider, half of those with jobs in America work less than five miles from their homeIn situations such as think, biking can actually get you to work faster and with less frustration than many people experience during their driving commute. In addition, with the right biking accessories, such as the Laptop Pannier, you can easily and safely bring your work supplies to the office. We recommend it because it is waterproof and transitions easily into a crossbody bag, making it a seamless transition between your day. These are some of the ways you can avoid the stress and frustration of commuting to work, and have a peaceful bike ride instead.

To Get Some Exercise

When you have to wake up early to go to work or you’ve just spent a long day at the office, the last thing you’re going to want to do is to drag yourself to the gym to get in some much-needed exercise. But when you bike to work, your daily exercise is built right into your day.

Not only can spending a few miles on your bike each day make you physically healthier, but Russell Eich, a contributor to, shares that biking outside can actually make you mentally and emotionally healthier as well. Riding can boost the chemicals in your brain that make you happy, can increase the levels of vitamin D you’re getting, and can even improve your sex life

To Protect Your Bank Account and The Environment

Biking to work can have both personal and societal benefits as well. From a personal standpoint, shares that you can save money by not having to pay for gas when you have to fill your car up from driving to work each day. Additionally, you’ll save on car repairs and car insurance if you’re driving your car less. If you do need a car repair and can’t afford it out of pocket, look into how car title loans could help your situation.

As for societal benefits, having one less car on the road each day means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less pollution being pumped into the air we all breathe.

If you’ve thought about biking to work but haven’t made the commitment to do it yet, consider using the information mentioned above to help you make an informed decision about whether or not this could be the right option for you.