Keeping Your Family Safe

While summer is a time for your family to get together and play hard while enjoying the sun and warm weather, it’s also a common time for people to sustain personal injuries that they otherwise might have been able to avoid. If you or one of your loved ones gets hurt during the summer, it can quickly put a damper on the whole season.

So to help ensure that you’re able to enjoy every second of summer with the people you love, here are three tips for keeping your family safe during your summer activities. 

Always Use The Right Equipment

With all the fun sports and activities you have planned for the summer, it’s important that you always use the right equipment for each new game you’ll be playing or event you’ll be trying.

According to Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, this includes making sure each member of your family has equipment or safety gear that is meant for the activity you’re doing and that fits each person correctly. Without having your gear meet both of these standards, it’s much more likely that someone will get hurt.

Some of the gear that your family should invest in for each member of your family and the summer activities you participate in include life jackets, safety goggles, helmets, protective eyewear and more. 

Be Careful With Your Food

One way that many people get hurt or sick in the summer that’s often forgotten about is by eating food that’s been sitting out in the heat for too long.

Dr. Arlene Ing, a contributor to UCI Health, shares that salmonella is a very common problem during the summer months because people will often leave foods with eggs or dairy products sitting out at picnics or bar-be-cues for longer than they should. 

As a good rule of thumb, don’t leave any food out for longer than two hours. And if it’s a particularly hot day, you should cut that time down to just one hour, to be safe. 

Know How To Beat The Heat

Although the heat of the summer is one of the biggest selling points of these few months, it can also be one of the biggest dangers. If you’re not careful, it’s easy for any member of your family to get sick from heat-related problems

So when you’re all out in the heat together, Dawne Gardner, a contributor to, recommends that you take frequent breaks in the shade, drink plenty of water, wear your sunscreen, and be very careful about spending time in the car when it’s not running. 

To help your family have a great summer together, consider using the tips mentioned above to keep everyone safe this season and avoid any injuries or illnesses.