Are you a good boyfriend? Many of us may say yes but our relationship history with women may suggest something different. If you are a great boyfriend then power to you but if you are not, or you think that you can improve, this article may help. Ever since our Wesson schooldays my buddy Frank and myself have been pretty unlucky in love but my buddy Eric Wetlaufer has been in a happy relationship for almost 9 years. Whenever I speak to Gail, Eric’s partner, she loves to talk about how amazing he is, and perhaps we can all learn a thing or two about that.

Keeping it Fresh

Whether you have just began to court with someone or if you have been together for al long time, there is a lot of importance that is needed in terms of keeping the relationship fresh. Whether it be spontaneously taking lunch to your partner at work, booking a last minute trip away or even a romantic night in, variety is the key.


It should go without saying but fidelity is one of the cornerstones of a relationship and you must respect that. Even in the early days of their relationship when they weren’t too serious, I have seen women make advances towards Eric, which he always declined in a heartbeat. Respect your partner and respect the relationship.

Making an Effort

Eric has told me on a number of occasions that he is not the biggest fan of the company that Gail keeps but nonetheless he will always make an effort with them because he knows it is important to her. Gail actually realizes this and she has great admiration for Eric’s ability to put his feelings aside for her sake. The friends of your girlfriend are very important and you must do all that you can to keep them on side.


Something which Gail and Eric do very well indeed is not to talk very much during the day when they are at work. In a world of constant email and instant messaging, this is very refreshing and something which really helps them to both stay closer. The reason for them doing this is because they prefer to speak face to face on an evening, to discuss their days. Over communication is dangerous and you must ensure that you leave enough things to talk about when you see each other.


There is no such thing as too much honesty in the relationship and you should be as open and honest with your girlfriend as you would do in a court of law. This is not to say that you have to talk about everything that comes into your head of course, but the important pieces of information should never be hidden from one another. Keep it honest and you can form a closer bond with one another.

If you don’t think that you are the best boyfriend that you can be, why not try out some of these tips!