You’ve always had trouble finding the perfect piece of jewelry. You see these models on the covers of magazines and think, “I’d love to wear that jewelry.” So you go to your local jewelry store and find the piece. Then, when you try it on, it looks horrendous and you feel horrible wearing it. You’ve even gone online and it’s still hard finding the perfect piece. Here are four questions to ask yourself so you can find the perfect jewelry for you.

  • What is the occasion?

The first question you should always ask yourself is, “What is the occasion I’m dressing for?” If you happen to be dressing for a very formal occasion such as traditional wedding or professional high level business meeting, then you’ll most likely be wearing something more formal. Formal wear entails wearing a bit more formal jewelry. Traditional weddings, if you’re a guest, means you will probably dress in your best clothes or you may even buy an outfit just for that occasional. A tuxedo worn by the groom, probably means that men will want to wear a nice suit and women will want to wear a fine dress or pantsuit. Jewelry is the same. More formal or traditional jewelry such as gold or silver filigree necklace and vintage ring. The golden rule of formal dress is only wear one ring per hand. It’s best to show up and fit what the occasion is for.

  • Is there required dress code?

Because of the occasion, there may be a dress code already in place. Some weddings require that guests wear only camouflage clothing. So wearing traditional jewelry wouldn’t exactly fit for that requirement. Some business meetings specify business casual, so wearing jewelry that matches business formal wouldn’t be appropriate. But then, there are those parties that require “White Tie” which is the most formal of all dress codes. Even more than “Black Tie” occasions. White Tie dress code means that strict rules are in place for dressing, which include what jewelry you’re allowed to wear. While some people may consider this to be very restrictive. Other’s are glad to not have to think about what they need to wear. You’ll also be spending more money for more formal jewelry. Costume jewelry at a White Tie event would not be well received.

  • What’s my favorite style?

An important question to finding the perfect jewelry for any occasion is to determine your favorite style. You may not enjoy attending high end severely restricted dress code events. If those are not your style, then you can be assured you don’t have to attend and won’t need to find jewelry to fit that style. If you enjoy nature, you may find jewelry inspired by or created using natural materials like wood, bamboo, or raw gold. If you enjoy a more vintage look, then you can consider vintage inspired jewelry. Finding your favorite personal style will go a long way toward making your jewelry choices easy.

  • How does the piece make me feel when I wear it?

The final question to ask yourself when choosing the right jewelry is this question. How does it make you feel when you wear it? If you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, then ask yourself why. Is it because it’s something new or do you truly feel as if that piece just doesn’t fit with you. Do an internal account of how your body is feeling while you’re wearing that piece of jewelry. Are your muscles tense? Do you find your heart beating in fear or other negative feeling? Take stock of how your body is reacting as you wearing the piece. If you are relaxed, or even a bit giddy. Perhaps you may feel like you’re ten years old for the first day of school and the excitement of wearing something new. You may even feel a sense of pride and your pulse quicken with excitement at showing off your jewelry. It is very important to ask yourself how the jewelry makes you feel when you’re determining the best jewelry for you.

It can be difficult to find the right jewelry for some people. These questions will go a long way toward helping you determine the perfect jewelry for you.