new york cities top sights

Rockefeller Center

Undoubtedly one of New York Cities Top Sights. The Rockefeller Center’s observation deck otherwise known as ‘Top of the Rock’ on the 70th floor offers magnificent views of the New York City Skyline. While the showpiece in New York’s skyline is the Empire State Building, the view of the New York City Skyline without the Empire State Building. It doesn’t quite look right. Your better off heading to the Rockefeller center where you can view the skyline and include the Empire State Building in your shots. But unless your on a quick weekend trip and have limited time Why not just do both for New York Cities Best Views?

Meatpacking District at Night

Meatpacking district is the place to see and be see in the area. Home to New York Cities best nightclubs this wild place is a sight to be seen in itself with beautiful people from across the world with breast augmentation NYC a common feature. Dance the night away in the meatpacking district at least once.

The Highline

New York’s Highline is a pretty fascinating complex and it works! The unique park which was once a railway allows visitors to walk over city through relaxing parks with brilliant artwork. The best thing about the New York Highline is the views, hang around the park, take in Skyline scenery and make the most of this fabulous piece of architecture.

One World Trade Centre Complex

The One World Trade Centre is the tallest building in the Western World. In Fact it’s the only building outside age which makes the top 10 tallest buildings in the world. The stunning observation deck on the 102nd floor is one reason to visit but there is so much more to this building than that. As a memorial building to The World Trade Centres that were catastrophically taken down by terrorists the Freedom Tower is a symbol of rebelliance to evil.

Central Park

This is one stunning park that must be explored. A place where New Yorkers can truly escape city life and a beautiful park that includes beautiful gardens, monuments and waters.


The iconic Timesquare, the centre of perhaps the most famous city in the world has been featured in countless movies across the globe. This entertainment centre with its bold billboards and bright lights is home the Renowned Broadway Theatre district. Times Square one of the busiest pedestrian streets in the world attracts an incredible 50 million visitors a year.

9/11 Memorial & Museum

Next to the freedom tower is the deeply emotional and eery memorial plaza built as a memorial to the horrific terrorists that took place here. The two dark pools which were built are tributes the those who lost their lives in the twin owners and also an important symbol of hope that a tragedy like this will never occur again in this city.

The museum itself is a must visit for anyone who wants to understand how this tragedy affected both the city and its residents It is reminder of what can happen in this world when evil minds get together.  It also a museum has an aim to educate us to prevent evil like this happening in the future.

Empire State Building

I know I said the the view is better from the Rockafella Tower, but that is because this building is in it! Visitors must get up close and personal to the World Famous Empire State Building, a magnificent piece of Architecture and perhaps the most famous building in the world.

Statue of Liberty

The hugely iconic New York City harbour sculpture is perhaps America’s most famous Landmark. The statue of liberty is the symbol for universal freedom and was given to the american people by the French. ‘Enlightening the World’ the statue of liberty must be seen and included on any New York tourist itinerary.