Want to try something new for your next couple holiday? Then discover our 5 reasons to take a motorhome trip as a couple. Let us convince you to avoid those tired holiday cliches and instead rent a motorhome for your next trip. Motorhome travel is ideal for couples looking to explore new places and be in charge of their own plans. It’s the perfect way to escape your busy schedules and reconnect, and you may like it so much that it ends up a tradition! Here are the main advantages of renting a motorhome as a couple:

1. Freedom

A motorhome allows you to go anywhere, anytime. You’re not anchored down by train schedules, hotel check in times and more. You’re in charge of your destination and schedule. This gives you the ultimate freedom, as you can choose your route on the day itself if you’d like, or edit it to fit in an extra stop. You can decide your plans based on the weather when you wake up. Or you mood for the day, you’re craving for a certain food even. Less stress and organising, more enjoying. This is ideal for couples as you won’t have one person doing more prior, and so you can include both of your interests for the trip. 

2. Adventure

Avoid the vacation cliche of a beach or simple city trip and go for an adventure! It can be intimidating, but it can also create the best memories. Embarking on this new territory together will be fun and give you plenty of stories to share. To make it even more interesting, avoid planning ahead too far. Tick an item off your bucket list with a motorhome trip. Make a list of the tops places you want to visit or activities to do, and then decide your schedule day by day. This will reduce stress before your trip, ensure both of you are happy with the plans, and keep things fresh! Live in the moment with a motorhome holiday.

3. Comfortable

Nothing beats snuggling up with your loved one, covered in warm blankets with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand – delicious! Motorhomes may be smaller than other accommodation options, but this just means closer proximity to your partner. And you can go for a larger berth motorhome if you desire the extra space. But as a couple, I’d definitely recommend VW campervan hire for your trip together. The bed is big enough for two, and does anything else really matter? You’ll spend time together as you navigate the ways of the motorhome together. A VW will also be the perfect background for your cute couple photos, memories to be looked at years from now. 

4. Teamwork

Your first time in a motorhome can be a bit of an adjustment, realising what things to bring, how everything works and more. But doing this as a couple is a great bonding experience, as you’ll work together and learn together. You’ll know how to set up and take down the motorhome in no time, and cruise the roads together in sync. It’ll connect the two of you through a shared challenge and experience. To further this, try wild camping with your motorhome. You’ll be deep in nature with only each other to depend on – but will the comfort of a motorhome luckily. Plus solar panels for charging any appliances you could require, unless you really want to go off the grid. You can even cook over an open campfire for a challenge together – it’s good for more than marshmallows you know!