BCFS Health and Human Services CSD works closely with parents in order help their children feel valued. Kids are managing the difficult circumstances of the pandemic and the broader challenges of growing up in a digital world. To help kids and provide parents with resources, we frequently recommend parenting classes. These classes provide strategies which can reduce family conflicts while improving communication and trust. Here are some of our top five reasons parents should take classes and invest in their own growth and the success.

Classes can improve parenting techniques so yelling and nagging can be reduced. You may have more fun with your kids while both sides are also experiencing increased energy levels, which benefit work or school in many ways.

Classes help two parents who are not on the same page when it comes to raising their children. They can find common ground and set limits that both agree upon without fighting. It’s especially useful for divorced or divorcing parents to learn how to set aside their own differences and present a unified front of support for their kids. 

Online safety is a frequent topic within parenting classes. At  we recommend parents take cases that give them insights into online dangers. For example, instructors can teach kids how they can protect themselves from online predators. Classes can offer tips for managing screen time, setting up monitoring apps and navigating challenges with social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram which can harm children emotionally and socially. 

Start early to get the most out of parenting classes. Our expert staff suggest taking classes before your child is born, but it’s never too late for parenting classes. Parents of college-aged and high school-aged kids can benefit greatly with strategies for preparing their children for adulthood and navigating stressful peer and social anxieties.