Most modern homes are tight on space. Particularly if you are living in a city apartment, making space for all your furniture is a challenge. To add to it, modern-day homeowners like to keep things minimal and have more open spaces inside the house, which makes it look bigger.

There are some essentials you can’t give up on, like your bed, couch or dining table. But with the other smaller furniture you own, there is always a scope to experiment and innovate. More often than not, you can buy a single piece of furniture that can serve multiple purposes around the house.

One such piece of furniture that is often overlooked and underestimated is the console table. Let’s find out what the console table is and why it is perfect for narrow spaces.

What is a console table?

A console table is a wide, relatively shallow table that is usually placed against a wall at one side of a room. There is no definite height for a console table. It can be the height of a normal desk. The height and width of the console table can be anything that meets your requirements.

Most console tables will have some storage space underneath, such as drawers or a shelf. These tables can be classy and minimal or elegant and ornate. It depends on how you like your furniture.

The biggest advantage of a console table is, however, that it does not interfere much with your space. The unassuming and adaptable piece can be used to fill up empty space or to accentuate the look of an unused wall. Console tables can also be placed behind a sofa, in which case it is called a sofa table.

Why is a console table great for narrow spaces?

Having a console table in narrow spaces like the hallway or corridor can give you some much-needed storage space and help spruce up the bare entryway without compromising on the floor area. Instead of having a large cabinet that takes up too much space or a tiny side table that just doesn’t give you enough surface area, having a console table fits the bill perfectly.

If you can find a console table with enough storage space, you would be surprised by the amount of stuff it can hold.

How to style your console table

Although a seemingly simple piece of furniture, the console table can add loads to the look of your home if styled well. You don’t have to be much of an interior designer either to be able to make the console table pop out. All it needs is a little vision and some simple ideas.

Here are a few ways you can use the console table in tight spaces to make them look like a million dollars.

Make your entrance look more welcoming

One of the most popular places where homeowners love to place their console tables is the entryway.

A sleek console table with the right décor can make your entrance look much more inviting. Place the console table wherever there is a large empty wall in your entryway. Preferably place it at the centre of the wall and not in a corner. You could get an ornate wooden table or a classy glass console table with a golden frame to add some glamour.

For décor, add some smaller houseplants or a classic ceramic vase with fresh flowers like peonies or lilies. Just one big vase should be enough. If there is storage space underneath, like a shelf, you could keep a wicker basket there to hold your keys, visiting cards, magazines or other articles.

Adding a decorative mirror or a collection of decorative wall plates above the table can bring the whole look together.

Utilize more of your dining area

Another great place for a console table, where it will not only look good but will also be utilized better, is your dining room. Having a console table in your dining room gives you some additional surface area to keep your dishes, bowls or cutlery.

On most days, you could use the console table as your mini-bar too. Just keep some of your fine glassware on top of the console table, along with a beautiful glass wine decanter, and you are good to go. A 3-tier console table could be a good choice since it gives you more space to store your glassware. To make it look a little more striking, you could hang a painting on the wall above the table.

Choose a console table that matches the rest of your dining room furniture.

Add more warmth to your bedroom

Your bedroom can use a nice console table too. If you have a barren wall in your bedroom that needs some attention, a nice, minimal console table can do the trick. Choose one that is not too overwhelming. A simple wooden drawer console table should be good enough. You could place some small photo frames and flowers or a pretty night lamp on the tabletop and use the drawers to store your personal items.

Summing up

A console table is one of the most dynamic pieces of furniture for narrow spaces. You can do as little or as much as you want with it, depending on your requirements and taste. If you have a great styling idea and a tight empty space that could use some redecorating, get yourself the console table you need right away. Finding console tables in Australia that suit your style should not be tough as long as you’re looking in the right places.