At the sight of a biker most people simply think how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle or how mean the biker looks. But riding a bike is more than venturing into potentially deadly road trips, wearing leather gear, big boots and gothic silver spinner ring. Riders have an intricate bike culture which keeps them united and make them all feel like they are a large family. By knocking at the doors of this culture or simply observing it one can learn a lot of essential life lessons.


Riding a bike is all about balance. When you lose your balance you will fall. To be able to have a smooth ride you have to keep the balance and keep moving, using your leg to maintain the bike upwards when you stop.

If you put this into perspective, you need to keep a balance in your life to be able to manage everything. If that balance is ruined, you will fall. Also, at times you have to step up in order to maintain that balance.

Go with the flow

Living with a relaxed approach to everything is going to help you live longer and better. When you go with the flow you eliminate a lot of stress from your life, which helps you stay healthier and stronger. The burden of always planning and trying to resist the problems in your life is going to exhaust you sooner than later, so just go with the flow.

Ditch gender norms

Bikes are not made for girls according to the general public. But the reality is many strong women love to ride their motorcycles and they do it with the same pride and joy as men. We are taught to stick inside the gender norms prepared for us by the society. Girls should be feminine, cook, raise kids and let men do the manly chores. But, at the same time, we have to work and provide for our families and we have to be strong. Gender norms are just outdated.

Live the moment

Bikers live for the moment; they dive into the ride and enjoy the tarmac. They rarely bring their worries with them on the motorcycle and for a good reason: there is no point in riding if you think of your problems. You won’t be able to relax and there are high chances you might fall.

In life, this is essential as many people bring their problems with them on holiday and when they are trying to spend quality time with their loved ones. This is a major mistake, so start living the moment.

Enjoy the ride

A motorcycle trip is not always about the destination, but about the actual trip. Because you get to know the locals, you can really stop and enjoy the ride. The same goes for the life, especially in the modern times when we are focused on our jobs and we fight stress at every step. From time to time you just need to stop and enjoy your life, be grateful for what you have and have fun.