Maintaining a Healthy Spine

Suffering spine pain is much more serious than hitting your toe or scraping your arm.  A spine injury, whether it’s a herniated disc or a pulled muscle, can put a full stop to your entire life.

It can affect your personal life, your ability to work, and even your ability to sleep.  Therefore, it’s crucial that you do whatever it takes to avoid injuring your back.  Here are some of the best ways to keep your spine healthy and in the best of shape.

Invest In a Quality Mattress

The time that you sleep is your body’s opportunity to rejuvenate itself.   It’s crucial that you give your spine a break from all of the wear and tear of daily life.  

Therefore, a good mattress is vital.  It requires a bit of an upfront investment; however, it will pay off for a long time to come. If you think about it in terms of cost, the price of a mattress is far less than having to undergo surgery.

In addition to a good mattress, you should also practice proper sleeping positions. Remaining in an unhealthy or awkward position for long periods of time will lead to cramping and possibly a malformed spine.  

Get Plenty Of Exercise

Your body’s physical health plays a significant role in your spine health.  In order to keep your spine strong, you should make sure that your core is strong.   By shifting the support to your core rather than straining your spine, your spine will be more resilient over time.

Sit Up Straight

Your posture is incredibly important, whether you’re sitting down or standing up. If you’re looking for alignment, comfort, and support while standing, then Protalus shoe inserts are the perfect choice for you. When you’re sitting at a desk working or even watching television, it’s crucial to avoid slouching.

It’s important to sit up straight, allowing your spine to naturally stretch out in its natural position.  If sitting like this naturally is a challenge for you, then you should consider using an ergonomic chair.

Training your spine to sit in a good position will eventually result in you being able to sit correctly without help.

Practice Stretching

Try to stretch every morning when you wake up.  Stretching will train your spine to elongate itself and stay strong.

If you’ve never tried yoga before, you may want to consider it.  Yoga keeps your spine strong healthy as well as the accompanying muscles.

It’s also great for keeping your core strong as well as burning overall calories.

Yoga also keeps your stress levels down.  Since stress can be attributed to back pain and spasms, it can reduce the risk of spine issues.

Take Breaks

Try to take breaks throughout the day rather than putting constant strain on your body.  When your body doesn’t have o time to rest, it will tense up, and you may get spine injuries.