I have been seeing the amazing Paul M Willette MD for around 4 years now and making the change from my old doctor to Paul was not easy. The truth is that many us just assume that all doctors are the same, and that they are all capable of the same level of care and attention, as well as knowledge. There is sometimes a very strong case however that you need to change your doctor and the key to it is realizing when that time is. So many of us just take our doctor for granted but this may not be the smartest move, especially if you have your own family.


The reason why I ended up switching to Paul was because the clinic which I used to go to began to chop and change doctors from the area, which resulted in my seeing a different doctor almost every time that I went. I began to find this really frustrating as you feel like you continuously have to start the getting to know you process all over again every time. There is something that is very comforting about the familiarity of a doctor who you know, and when you are switching doctors around you are going to struggle to get that.

Having a doctor who knows you and your history, as well as your family is invaluable and it doesn’t just make you feel more comfortable inside the surgery, it could be a helpful tool for the doctor to address any issues which you have.


Not everyone is comfortable speaking about their troubles, be it mental or physical health, and this is why you may need to change your doctor. No matter what you may think about the professionally, you have to be able to walk into the doctors and feel more than happy to discuss everything that is going on with you. If your doctor doesn’t make you feel this way then it is a smart idea to change to a doctor who does give you the confidence to open up.

Waiting Times

Prior to my old clinic changing their approach regarding the doctors I was already beginning to get annoyed at the length of time which we were having to wait in order to get an appointment. This was a cause of much frustration for me because you want to get in as soon as you can in order to allay any fears which you may have. When this happens it is because they are taking on too many patients or they have a very poor management system. Either way if this is happening to you then it really is a smart idea to change doctors and go somewhere where they will try and get you in as soon as they possibly can.

Don’t be afraid to change your doctor, this is about you and your health, not your loyalty to a medical professional.