We are living in a very surreal situation at the moment with so many of us who have closed ourselves in at home in order to do our part for the global pandemic. What this has also reminded us all is that we have so many options at our fingertips for things to learn online. This is a lesson not just whilst we are on lockdown, but moving past CoVid-19 we can all move forward in the knowledge that we should be learning more and that we can thanks to the internet.

If you are short for some ideas as to what you can learn, here are some options which you may wish to consider.


If you have always wanted to start your own business then why not take a course which will teach you all about it. There are some sensational courses out there such as the Amazon FBA course offered by Nine University, which not only teaches you about business on the whole but more specific lessons on how to really succeed. Learn business from those who have found success or from those who have learned from mistakes. If you are currently employed, but want to learn more through online learning, then consider learning with all your coworkers too. Maybe the group of you can get together for a communal learning experience with Participate to all learn business as a whole.


There is something incredibly special about conversing with a foreigner in their own language and this could be a great time to go and take your language skills beyond ordering a beer or asking where the toilet is! There is a plethora of online courses, tutorial videos and literature which range in levels from teaching conversational language to actually offering degrees in certain languages.

Learning an Instrument

If you’ve got an old guitar or keyboard stuck in the closet then get it out, dust it down and load up your laptop to finally get your head around trying to play it. You don’t necessarily have to find a course for this, there isn’t really a qualification that is required in order to play an instrument, which gives you all the more freedom. There is an abundance of online courses and tutorials which you can use in order to improve your playing, and again now is a wonderful time to get started, in just a few months you will be playing better than you ever dreamed that you could.

Career Specific

If you are not enamored with your career then now is an ideal time to upskill to something which can help you to make that career switch. At the very least you will be able to use this time to build foundations which you can then use to make a career change in the coming months. Perhaps you can learn more about marketing to move into that industry or even take an accounting course to move into finance. If knowledge is what is holding you back from making the change then use this time to boost that knowledge and put yourself in a stronger position.

We are so lucky to have the options online that we do, make sure that you don’t let them slip by.