Ever since college my friend Javier Burillo and I have dreamed of opening up a Mexican food truck here in L.A. and last month we finally realized our dream. At the moment the truck is parked in a low footfall area but we know that with some good marketing we can bring the people in to try our killer tacos. Javier and I decided that we weren’t going to mess around with Tex-Mex and that instead we were going to traditional with Mexican cuisine, and keep it true to its roots. aver and I travelled extensively around Mexico and eventually settled on the idea to make barbacoa tacos, the delicious delicacy which began in the Caribbean, and is now found throughout the country.

These are some of the most delicious tacos you are going to try, and here is what makes it perfect.

The Tortilla

The tortilla is the first key to making an amazing taco, and actually buy in corn flour from Mexico to give the flavor real authenticity. Once the dough is made up we press it into small discs or deliciousness, no what flour will be found at our food truck, nor will you see hard-shell tacos. Each order comes with a double layer of tortillas, which have been dipped in the pork fat before serving.

The Meat

Some like to use goat meat for the barbacoa but we prefer to use lamb because of both the price and to be honest, the flavor. Traditionally this would be slow cooked in an oven built into the floor, something which we have had to recreate with a clay oven on our little truck. We cook the lamb for just over 2 hours, until it is soft and supple, and we only flavor it with salt and pepper, and a touch of cayenne pepper for an extra little kick of spice. The lamb is shredded up then we pack it into the tortilla.

Fresh, Fresh

The key to bringing any taco to life is the lime, the cilantro and the onions, which have to be super fresh. In fact we currently buy these extra ingredients on the day, which means that they are literally the freshest that you can find. Most of our limes have been picked just hours before they are being squeezed on to the tacos, and that is part of the reason why so many love what we do. It did get costly in the beginning having to get rid of stuff that wasn’t deemed fresh, but we now have a far better system and nothing goes to waste.

The taco is so simple in reality but there is such a range in the quality that you can find. For me this happens because of one simple thing that people don’t invest enough time in, and that is the ingredients. If you get the best quality ingredients and treat them with love, you get the best quality tacos, period.