Las Vegas is one of the preeminent tourist destinations in the United States. As a result, millions flock to the Nevada desert on an annual basis. Some are just getting away for the weekend, while others have grand aspirations of leaving Vegas rich. While the city has no shortage of 5-star hotels and luxury resorts, one of the main draws of Las Vegas is the gambling. 

All forms of gambling are legal within Nevada’s state lines, which can’t be said everywhere else in the U.S. So, people looking to get their betting fix generally find their way to the country’s gambling capital. While more and more states are relaxing their anti-gambling laws, Vegas is still unmatched when it comes to offering a unique betting experience. 

While some states still allow you to play your favorite casino games online, there is something to be said about stepping up to a real-life table and putting your money on the line in Las Vegas. Not all casinos are created equal, so when you’re in town you are certainly going to want to get the most out of your experience. What are some of the best casinos Las Vegas has to offer? 

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is one of the more well-known casino resorts on the Strip. You can do just about anything here, but arguably the best attraction at Caesars is the sportsbook. If you’re interested in doing a little sports betting during your Vegas trip, you’re probably wasting your time if you’re doing so anywhere other than at Caesars Palace. 

The sportsbook is a massive space occupying nearly 16,000 square feet. The main attraction is the 138-foot LED video board that includes six 12-by-15 foot television screens, a dozen 50-inch plasma screens and another 20-by-50 foot LED board with constantly-updating betting lines covering all of the games. 

With so many screens, the oddsmakers are essentially able to cover all sorts of different sporting events at the same time. A brand new bar and another 140 seats were added in a recent renovation, which makes the sportsbook all the more alluring, especially for first-time visitors. A new mobile app even affords customers the ability to place a food or drink order from their seat, complete with delivery. 

If you want to bet on sports in Vegas, hit up the sportsbook at Caesars. 


The Bellagio may be known for its massive fountains out front, but there’s plenty to like about the resort’s interior, too. There is no shortage of options when it comes to playing poker in Las Vegas, but the best spot to do so is at the Bellagio. The poker rooms, which can be found near the sportsbook, have a total of 40 tables with a good mixture of limit and no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em. There is even a Hold ‘Em tournament held every day at 2:00pm. 

Players don’t even have to leave the tables to get food, drink or, yes, a back massage. Waiters are always coming by to check on players to make sure they’re fed and hydrated, while you can even ask for a masseuse to come over and help you relax while you’re playing. The poker room is open 24/7, so you can play as long as you want. T

High-stakes players will want to find their way to Bobby’s Room in the back. The room is named after 1978 World Series of Poker champion Bobby Baldwin, who currently serves as an executive for MGM Resorts International. Even if you’re not a high roller, you can head back there and take a gander at poker pros playing with millions of dollars on the line. 

Red Rock Resort & Spa

Let’s say you’re trying to save a little money on your Vegas vacation. Most of the hotels on the Strip aren’t cheap, so just booking a room may set you back quite a bit. However, there are plenty of excellent options off the Strip, too. One of them is the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, which can be found on the western side of the Las Vegas Valley, far from the hustle and bustle of the Strip. In fact, Red Rock is the first billion-dollar resort to be built in Vegas that isn’t on the Strip. 

While you won’t necessarily be in the middle of Las Vegas, the vibe at Red Rock isn’t any different than you’ll find in the heart of the city. The resort includes a world-renowned spa, a bingo hall, a lively swimming pool scene, tons of bars and restaurants and even a bowling alley and a movie theater. Honestly, Red Rock has everything you need, so why leave? 

The resort also includes world-class dining options like T-Bone’s Chophouse and Masso Osteria. The Red Rock has its own race and sports book, plus table games, slots and everything else you’d want in your Vegas resort. 


One of the newer resorts on the Strip, the Aria Resort & Casino opened for business back in April of 2009. As a result, it is one of the more fresh and clean resorts you’ll find right in the heart of the Strip. If you’re interested in slots, Aria should be your first stop. This is the one of the largest slot machine floors you’ll find in all of Vegas, and Aria also includes one of the most exclusive high-limit slot rooms in town. It’s called SPIN, and some machines may cost as much as $5,000 per try. The room was designed by renowned architect Peter Marino, and it includes a full-service dining area in addition to a number of other exclusive luxuries.

There are nearly 2,000 slots in all at Aria, and the casino plays host to several high-stakes tournaments throughout the year. Aria has one of the smaller sportsbooks on the Strip, but there are also tons of restaurants, bars and table games to keep you entertained throughout your stay. 


The younger crowd may flock to the Cosmopolitan, which is primarily known for its nightlife. The resort is also a destination for foodies thanks to its array of high-end dining options featuring a number of well-known chefs. Tapas, pizza, tacos and pasta can all be found within the Cosmo’s expansive walls. 

The Chandelier is a must-visit bar featuring the work of mixologist Mariena Mercer. The menu includes twists on a number of cocktails. The bar even has edible cocktails if you’d like to take a bit of a different approach. With all sorts of nightclubs, bars and restaurants, it’s easy to see why the Cosmopolitan is one of the hottest destinations in Vegas.