In today’s day and age, the website for your business is probably key to drumming up the majority of your business. Nobody goes to the Yellow Pages anymore or really even looks through newspapers for advertisements about businesses. They simply pick up their computer or phone and do a quick search. And if your business website is not operating on all cylinders, you are costing yourself customers. Listed below are a few key issues that businesses often have with their website. 

Not Easy to Navigate

No matter if your website looks professional or not, if it is confusing and not easy to navigate you will lose future customers instantly. No one wants to spend ten minutes searching for what they are looking for on a website. Make every section as simple as possible. Don’t overload the person with ten to twenty subsections and submenus. Keep it easy enough so that a kid could manage to navigate the site. 

Have a Link Where They Can Contact You

Too many businesses just have their phone number listed on their website without any other contact information. People no longer want to communicate by phone if they can help it. Have your email address listed on your site in numerous places and check it often. You could even have a contact form on the site that they can fill out if they need to ask questions. Just don’t rely on the phone number solving all the issues anymore. 

Protect Everyone’s Information

There are enough hackers out in the world right now that can make your life extremely difficult if you are a business owner. More and more companies are getting hacked and their customers’ data is being violated. Numerous internet thieves are coming away with customers’ credit card numbers and other information that should be protected much better. Can you imagine having to explain to your customers how their private information fell into the wrong hands? You could stop this from happening and resolve your problems with a web hosting in Canada that can act as superior security for your site. 

Poor SEO

Lastly, you might need a crash course on SEO best practices. The correct SEO will get your website ranked higher on search engines and more eyes will be looking at your business. You don’t have to bring in an SEO expert. You just need to pick up a few tricks here and there on which keywords you should be hitting more often.