Viral videos are the Holy Grail of YouTube marketing. Of course, every marketer wants to make a viral video; it’s like winning the lottery. But why is every marketer chasing after this elusive dream? Because they know that if their company can get even one video to go viral, then they have potentially millions or tens of millions of people who could see their product and go to their website.

When you think about it, every marketing campaign is just a numbers game: if you can get just 1% of the people that your video reaches to buy what you’re selling, then it’s worth it! You’ll break even and possibly make a profit, and in the process, you’ve reached millions of people.

Marketers know that going viral is the best way to get as many eyes as possible on their product, service, or website. Here are a few tips and tricks from TubeKarma Reviews that will help you make your next video go viral:

1. Keep Your Video Short and Sweet:

The first thing that will help your video go viral is keeping it short and sweet. Most people’s attention spans are pretty short, so nobody wants to sit through a long video explaining something. It should take you less than 2 minutes to explain what your product or service does and how it can benefit the viewer.

2. Keep Everything Simple:

People like simple things, especially online. So if you can make your video short and sweet while keeping everything as simple as possible, then you’re much more likely to go viral.

3. Drop the Jargon:

It’s easy for people who are involved in an industry or specific niche to fall into the trap of using industry jargon. Don’t do this! If you make your video overly complicated by using too many buzz words, nobody will understand it. That means that no one will bother to share it with their friends and family because it’s just not interesting enough for them to want to share.

4. Give it Some Emotion:

Everybody feels something when they watch a video. So whether somebody wants to laugh, cry, be angry, or feel inspired by your product or service, you need to tap into that emotion and use it to motivate people to share what you’re selling with their friends and family.

5. Be Realistic:

The biggest turnoff for people is when someone tries to prey on their emotions. For example, if you sell a weight loss supplement and all of your before-and-after photos are doctored, then people will stop watching because they don’t believe that your product works. Don’t try to mislead people into thinking that something is better than it really is, or else they won’t take it seriously and won’t be interested in sharing it with their network.

6. Optimize your Video:

All of the major video-sharing websites have a process for ranking videos during searches so that people can find what they’re looking for quickly. This means that you need to optimize your video for it to go viral. First, use Google’s keyword research tool to determine which words are most searched for on YouTube. Then, use them throughout your video to optimize it for discovery purposes.