At San Francisco Bay University students from all backgrounds are learning the basics of computer programming. SFBU’s students will go on to internships which will allow them to get their foot in the door at one some amazing high-tech companies. After that, it’s up to them to take advantage of this opportunity and do what they can to leave a lasting impression.

While many of these students have been working hard on their degrees over the past four years, others have had different motivations for attending the University. Some students are thinking about their own futures, others wonder what working with these companies will be like. Fortunately, some have already found out. 

Here are some examples of SFBU students who hope to leverage their education to embark on careers relevant to what they learn, and some who already have!

Meet K.P 

K.P. is working towards his MBA at SFBU. After attending Ohlone College, he obtained an in-depth understanding of C++ Programming and started his career as an assembler. K.P. was excited to earn a President’s Scholarship at SFBU and even came up with a project to invest 100K and create a diversified portfolio. K.P. hopes to get a job at a Silicon Valley institution as a Director of Operations.

Meet A.R.

A.R. is currently working towards her Master of Science in Computer Science. A few years back she attained her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at SFBU. She currently uses the skills she earned at SFBU as a data engineer for a Silicon Valley company and is excited about combining her MBA with her MSCS to maximize her earning potential. 

Meet X.W.

X.W. obtained her Master of Business Administration (MBA) a few years ago at SFBU and hopes to build on that by now studying for a Computer Science degree. She plans to use the skills she obtains through both of these degrees by getting hired at a high-tech Silicon Valley company. This is the path many SFBU students take after graduating. 

Meet D.P.

D.P. obtained her Master of Science in Computer Science from SFBU in 2015. Since doing so, D.P. has excelled in the career of her choice, beginning a career at Fox Studios and then eventually transitioning to Disney Studios. Today, she works as a DevOps Engineer at Disney, where she utilizes what she learned at SFBU on a daily basis. 

Meet A.J.

After attending SFBU, A.J. maximized his degree by getting a job at Apple as a Consultant. This was exactly the course A.J. wanted to take and he was incredibly excited to work for a company he has had his eye on since he began working and going to school. A.J. serves as a great example of someone who leveraged their SFBU degree to get the job of their dreams!

If you are interested in applying for a degree at San Francisco Bay University, contact the admissions office at their newly-built campus in Fremont, California.