While on the journey to becoming an English major, one has to face dubious thoughts if it is worth it. One of the first things you ponder on is the job opportunities your degree will bring. 

From its linguistics to its phonetics, translations, and history English is a diverse subject. Students who enroll in this field get prepared for various career fields that include journalism, medicine, publishing, editor, writer, and many more. The fields for English majors are endless, so don’t worry; your skills and degree won’t sit in a corner and collect dust! Your critical thinking, interpretation, creativity are all valued wherever you go.

Being an English major, you know the power of words and how they can impact the readers. The choice of vocabulary and how to communicate are all an English student’s magic to transform any ordinary text into an influential one. A degree in English gives you specific verbal and written abilities. Your insight into authentic patterns and uses of composed talk further reinforces your logical capacities and your commitment to present-day writing in any field.

These skills combined with effective and clear communication capabilities will work well for you. Becoming an English major does not require you to leave other duties to get its degree. If you are a working student, you can easily obtain an online English degree. Different institutes offer a degree program that can assist you in getting excellent job opportunities. 

We will find out all about careers for English majors in this article!

1. Freelance Writing – Content Writing

There are millions of opportunities for English students who are inexperienced to make a reasonable amount of money. Freelancing is one of the most common sites for learners to find jobs and perfect their talents. At times, before graduating from this site, certain people even find a permanent career for themselves. Freelancing is versatile. You can select your tasks, working hours and don’t have to juggle your responsibilities or activities.

2. Writer or Author

It is potentially the big classical English career. As a writer, fiction or nonfiction are only two of the various work genres you can make. You will get to pick subject matter throughout this profession, conduct research, create stories, present original sketches, and collaborate with editors to refine and rewrite your material. With the power of words, you can create stories and articles that are thought-provoking and hooks the readers to the very end. Being a writer, you can play with words all along the way and produce captivating masterpieces. This career can bring in millions if your work becomes a huge hit and gain readers from all over the globe!

3. Editor

Beyond scanning copies, this work would have several different duties. An editor can check spelling and grammar. They can still rewrite material, validate evidence, analyze submissions, and appoint articles to individual authors. In certain instances, they will manage or act as a supervisor for a writing team. To become an editor, you need to have an excellent command of the language. Other than that, it would be best if you could find out mistakes and errors and polish texts into better versions.

4. Lawyer

The career would require comprehensive legal schooling, so it is an excellent start before law school to major in English at the graduate level. Lawyers ought to work successfully with individuals from many different cultures and other varying stages of schooling. Besides this, they need to negotiate cases with their clients, who presumably do not comprehend “legalese.” They also need to speak with collaborating lawyers and opposition lawyers, along with judges. A lawyer makes a generous living for himself and is generally well off.

5. Social Media Manager

To formulate tactics to support an entity through social media channels, social media managers require a certain kind of imagination exhibited by English majors. Sometimes, to draw a consensus, they create written plans for other workers to discuss and justify their peers’ suggestions.

Social media managers also need to select blogs and content creators to partner with. These partnerships need to be well-ordered. An English major’s critical reading ability will assist them in choosing quality authors and supplying these people with positive input.

6. Translator and Interpreter

You will need fluency in another language for this job, such as Mandarin Chinese or Arabic, or Spanish. However, an English major will help you understand the language system better and make you a more successful communicator. You can translate knowledge from one language to another in this work. You can deal with the language spoken as an interpreter, while translators work with the written language (consider transcriptions).


An English major degree is perhaps the most flexible degree. It is a highly rewarding study as one explores every nook and cranny of the English language. Its rich history of literature and origin gives its students a diverse platform of career choices. As a universal language, its career scope is vast and is expanding more than ever. If you love writing and enjoy reading literature, getting a degree in English is the best option!