Construction is one off the most difficult and dangerous jobs in the world. It involves dozens to hundreds of people coordinated to create something that in some cases seems nearly impossible to accomplish. What keeps things together are the people in charge of creating the construction project. People like Lloyd Claycomb ll, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of United Builders Service, Inc., are masters at what they do and they have a very specific set of skill. Here is their key skill set.


Skilled and Smart

Construction jobs are very specific and demand that those filling them understand every aspect of what that specific job entails. When there is a newer worker on a specific job, he must be closely overseen by someone with lots of experience. As the leader, you need to follow this strict code to ensure safety and efficiency on the project. Additionally, there are decisions that need to be made daily that require quick critical thinking. This requires someone with this ability to perform successfully.

Integrity and Honesty

In business, your word is your bond, and it can take you many places. When you are involved in a construction project that involves hundreds of people working on thousands of details simultaneously, everyone needs to know that this information they are receiving Is accurate and that someone can be counted on to be honest about any issues that are occurring and the status of any elements of the project. Without this, the project simply cannot have a hope of being created. So honesty and integrity are important skills to have in construction.


Construction projects are long and demand constant interaction between the principals. This means the architects, general contractors, sub-contractors, finance and insurance people, suppliers, and engineers will be around each other regularly, for a year. When you spend so much time with someone, their personality and demeanor is a key factor. Is this person likable? Can I spend hours each day with this person and still feel good about myself and the job? Likeability is a key factor for those working on construction projects. And it is often how these players continue to get jobs. Someone says that the person is a pleasure to work with along with being amazingly skilled and they get hired again and again.

Reliability and Consistency

People will look to you for your guidance and input on many if not all aspects of the project. They expect you to both be there consistently and to have answers that make sense to them. Your providing the right answers in a timely manner creates a sense of stability for those working on the project and assures them that things are being overseen properly.

Great Communicator

With so many different people and elements of a construction project, the leader needs to be able to communicate to everyone in a way that instils confidence and clarity. There will be times when this will take a clear and level head amidst potential disasters, but without it, there will be more chaos. So you as the leader need to set the tone for the entire project through great communication.