Taking my daughter Scarlet shopping used to always be a bit of a challenge, especially when I wanted to buy some bits and pieces too. The reason for this is that most shops target a particular age group, and given that there are 27 years between my daughter and myself, this proved to be somewhat difficult. After reading some positive reviews however, 3 years ago my daughter and I began to visit Bonworth, a shop here in Henderson, NC and across the US which is aimed at both mother and daughter. We absolutely fell in love with the place as soon as we visited and now there are few other places where we like to go shopping. COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar has a fantastic store and today I am going to give you my own review as to why we love this store so much.


As far as fashion goes, we don’t expect to buy catwalk items, but rather clothing which is on trend, and that goes for both myself and my daughter alike. This is where Bonworth really excels as they have a great range of beautiful clothes, in trend and for all age groups. The store changes its featured items very regularly and to be honest, I would rather go here than spend crazy money on something that will be out of fashion next week.


Naturally when you go shopping for two, it can often cost quite a bit of money, not so here in Bonworth however. The prices are not only competitive but they also regularly offer discounts and promotions which help to make plenty of savings and bring the cost down. When it comes to quality, you don’t have to worry about a cheaper item having poorer quality as the clothing is very well made and lasts for a long time.


Customer loyalty can be hard to find and the reason why Bonworth has mine, is because I really believe in the moral values and the company ethos which they promote. The idea of family is something that the company very much get behind and you can feel this in all of their stores, from the displays, the options and of course, the way in which the company on the whole operates.


In my view, it doesn’t matter how great the products are or how low the prices are, if the staff are not on hand to give you the best service possible. Thankfully then, Bonworth makes sure that it trains its staff to a very high level and every employee that I have dealt with in store, has been an absolute star. The employees are always there to help you out with whatever you need, they are also knowledgeable about their products so you can be sure that they are going to find you whatever you need.

For me, there is nowhere better to shop with my daughter than this wonderful mother and daughter store, and I’d recommend that you did too.