The drive and energy to work and achieve greater things in life never quit. Due to the increasing need and demand in every work sector, it is becoming essential to equip yourself with new and state of the art experiences. These experiences are a part of your journey towards more meaningful and convincing goals that you want to attain.

While climbing the ladder of success and triumph, one encounters many different stages and levels that instill the importance of determination and courage in one’s self. It sends the message of never stopping and never giving up. Being a top executive is although a high position with countless benefits and perks, yet if you aim to choose other career pathways to improve your outlook towards life, then we have many different career pathways to offer.

Education Requirement

Since education is of great value to qualify for a higher post or position, the training that a person must have should include a graduate or postgraduate degree in the respective field of business administration, or the area of their work or profession. Usually, the top executives hold a master’s degree in their domain of work. For senior executives, there is a straight ladder career guide that offers a variety of programs to assist in making one efficient and skillful in a specific type of field. It enhances the chances of growth and prosperity if one is highly qualified in a discrete domain. So, one must aim to apply for the advanced courses and programs to acquire and score marked excellence.

The Nature Of Their Job

The senior and top executives usually have a plethora of operations to deal with daily. They are the policymakers, the finance heads, the budget devisors, the product planning and service providers, the department heads, and the supervisors of all the activities in an organization. Their work largely depends on the size of an organization, the larger the organization, the more the senior executive’s duties.

The Career Pathways They Can Opt For

The top executives are not short of options at all! They can choose from a series of occupations and serve their purpose with the relevant qualification and competence.

  • Board chairman

It is the top-most position in any organization as everybody, including the CEO, has to be answerable to the board chairman. He goes through a selection by the board of directors of a company. And he ensures that all the board meetings are conducted smoothly and with a profitable outcome, in the best interest of the board committee, and he heads all the board decisions. One needs an extraordinary and incredible amount of experience and wisdom to obtain this position.

  • The CEO

The Chief executive officer is known as the “CEO” of any organization, office, and corporation. He has various duties and responsibilities to perform, such as a bridge between the board and the staff, working for the interest of both and regulating the work and office environment efficiently. He handles the administration operations and matters, and he reviews the products and services regarding their quality and quantity, production, delivery, advertisement, promotion. He is the one in charge of the human resource department, and he recommends an annual budget to the board for approval. He is the biggest asset in building community and public relations. He also plays a crucial role in fundraising. It is a very technical and critical job, and one must have the vision and expertise to qualify for this job.

  • Manager

A manager’s role in an office setting is to plan, organize, and implement specific guidelines and rules of the team working in the office. To ensure the harmony and peaceful work atmosphere, a manager has to look after everyone’s needs and requirements to provide maximum comfort and stress-free surroundings. They work for the coordination and goal achievement strategies designed for the success of any organization. Proficient work experience is a must to have to apply for this job.

  • Mayor

A senior executive can choose this distinctive and contrastive job if he has a versatile approach to function. A mayor of a town or city has to implement the political policies for the citizens and ensure the smooth and stable application of those policies. The job of a mayor if to support citizens through public meetings, public hearings where he can have a face-to-face, and direct dialogue with the people to have an idea of their problems and necessities. He then conveys them to the advisory committees to figure out the best solution.

He lends a hand to the private organizations working for the welfare of the people and motivates them by assisting them. He prepares staff reports to check on the activities so that people may perform their duties well. This superior domain demands efficacy in communication skills and network building.

  • University President

A University President practices his job in the best of form. He is an educational leader who is a role model for hundreds of students and staff members. He is obliged to perform all his tasks with complete honesty and dedication. There are multiple duties of a university president, which include providing an effective academic plan for the students throughout the year. That plan must not only entail academic supremacies but also encourage them to explore their hidden talents and capabilities.

Their role is to guarantee the selection of competent staff members who build a university’s strong foundation by remarkably serving the students. They are the law enforcing bodies, and they formulate the budget; they are the chief communicators that introduce their university to the outside world through their unmatched motives and ambitions. For this tedious and backbreaking job, one needs a unique quality of selflessness and dedication to his work at all times.


We hope that this reference guide must have helped you procure the idea of the realm you would want to go for! This career guide would suit most of you to earn and secure the best and sought-after places and positions in your life. Best of luck!