We all know that Amazon Prime is incredibly convenient — after all, there’s a reason 100 million people subscribe to the delivery service. Unfortunately, this convenience often comes at a terrible cost.

Whether it’s the local businesses it undercuts or the workers it exploits, there is a dark underside to the shipping giant. If you’ve been looking for some reasons to delete your Amazon account, then you came to the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss seven reasons why you should cut ties with this service.

Why Should You Delete Your Amazon Account?

Amazon isn’t content with dominating the market — it wants to become the market. And unfortunately, it doesn’t care who it hurts along the way.

We think after reading these points you’ll want to know how to delete your Amazon account right away.

  1. Amazon Harms the Local Economy

Many local businesses simply cannot keep up with the low pricing that Amazon Prime offers its users. As a result, they need to either sell their products at a loss or simply give up and close. And it’s not just small local businesses that are suffering.

Larger companies like Birkenstocks must deal with hundreds of cheaper, knock-off products that Amazon sells on its site. Similarly, many large bookselling chains have had to go under due to the company’s iron-like hold on the book industry.

If this pattern continues, then all the companies that offer quality products will close. What’s left will be cheap imitations that need replacing almost immediately.

  1. Amazon Doesn’t Let Its Workers Unionize

Many of us have heard distressing reports of overworked Amazon factory workers. So why don’t the workers start a union to fight for their rights? Because the company battles them at every turn.

Many employees who try to start a union are immediately fired by management. Often all the workers want are safer conditions that don’t result in thousands of ambulance calls a year. The fact that the company continually suppresses any attempt at an organization represents a huge blow to labor rights.

  1. Amazon Creates Tons of Waste

Think about all the cardboard boxes and waste that you’ve had to deal with after ordering something on Amazon. Now, multiply it on a world scale. One report found that Amazon ships roughly 165 billion cardboard boxes every year.

While we might not want to think about it, that represents one billion trees being cut down. Soon we will be drowning in the waste we helped the company produce.

And unfortunately, Amazon seems to care little about the environmental havoc it’s causing. The sooner we can stop so much online ordering, the better.

  1. Amazon Runs on Fossil Fuels

Think of all the fuel that goes into Amazon trucks and planes just to get a package of clothes to your door. This constant globalized transport is both depleting our dwindling supplies of fossil fuels and contributing to global warming.

And trucks aren’t the only thing that Amazon needs to power. The service has one of the largest web hosting services in the world, as well as huge factories that require massive amounts of energy.

While Amazon has the capital and the resources to switch over to renewable energy resources, they still haven’t done so.

  1. Amazon Takes Unnecessary Advantage of Tax Subsidies

You would think because of Amazon’s massive size and revenue that they would be taxed accordingly. But in reality, the company pays little to nothing when it comes to taxes. Why? Because of tax subsidies that save Amazon billions and billions of dollars. Take their new headquarters that they’re building in Virginia.

One report found that it’s costing taxpayers roughly 4.6 billion dollars. Not only is this huge price twice the amount that Amazon said it would cost, but it’s also placing the cost burden of the company on the average person.

If you think that the richest company in the world should pay its fair share of taxes, then cancel your account today.

  1. Amazon Treats Drivers and Warehouse Workers Badly

There’s a human cost to the fast delivery we know and love. There are many firsthand accounts from Amazon drivers and warehouse workers of the abuse they receive on the job.

Often this abuse comes in the form of yelling, but there have also been instances of favoritism and withholding overtime pay. Sometimes the situation gets bad enough to the point where drivers need to put themselves in physical harm to meet deadlines.

For drivers this means things like skipping stoplights, driving too fast, and urinating in plastic bottles to make tight delivery schedules. Regardless of how fast Amazon’s delivery is, nothing is worth the potential cost of human life due to reckless driving.

  1. Jeff Bezos Is Rich Enough

By 2026 Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, is expected to become a trillionaire. It’s hard to even wrap our heads around this kind of wealth. Think of it like this: Bezos could give $100 to every single person in the world and still have billions left over.

But what does he do with it instead? He hoards it at the expense of his workers and customers, all while taking advantage of public tax loops. It’s not illegal to be rich, but there is a social responsibility that comes with being ultra-wealthy.

The fact is that Bezos could easily afford to end world hunger, but he doesn’t. So instead of an awful billionaire, consider giving your money to someone a little more deserving.

Get Rid of Your Amazon Account Today

We hope this article helped convince you to delete your Amazon account. At the end of the day, one closed account won’t mean that much to Amazon.

But if enough people learn the facts about the exploitive company, then some real change can come about. So, cancel your account today and share this so more people will know the truth.

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