For many of us, the lockdown measures put in place to keep us safe have largely been eased and we’re getting back out into the world, but after three months of being cooped up inside many of us have fallen a little out of shape and may be wondering the best way to get back to our normal healthy selves, and the best ways to keep a healthy schedule.

Apps and fitness trackers – Many of us may be accustomed with using our favourite applications recently as mobile gaming has seen a huge surge in popularity, particularly in mobile casinos despite recent changes in initiatives such as Gamstop to limit the growth, as a number of sites you can see here have become available many of us may be spending more time than we’d like playing, but there are other apps available to you in the fitness and diet trackers which may be perfect to help you get back on track – there are a huge range of them fit for a number of different purposes so it’s all about finding one that will fit your routine whether that be running, gym work, or any other number of activities to keep fit.

Starting off slow – It may be tempting to rush back into things as you hurry to get back into shape, but that’s the easiest way to get injured and put yourself out for even longer. Take a steady approach to things and start off slow, building back up your fitness – it may take a few weeks on the slow burn but that’s much better than being unable to train again for another three months!

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Your diet is key – They say 80% of staying in shape is in the kitchen, as such the best time to get started is now by fixing your diet – that means it’s time to stop ordering take out and snacking late at night and start with the healthy diet once again, it is a little boring but it is the best way back to the shape you’re looking to be in. If you’re looking for the best diet to get started with there are a wealth of lists out there to get you started from beginner to more experience, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be a little experimental in the kitchen too to keep things fresh.

Health and self-improvement are going to become a huge point of focus once the pandemic ends especially if remote working becomes a more permanent fixture and many of us have to adjust our lifestyles to fit, it may mean we have more free time as as we no longer have a work commute or have the option to do a little exercise at home during a lunch break, with that in mind it’s a great idea to get ahead of the curve and start now – gyms are set to open for many soon too, and with many having missed out on a lot of activity over the past three months you may find a great sign up bonus too.