If you are interested in living and traveling to Colombia, you should be aware of everything that this entitles. German Trujillo Manrique highlights that there are some deadly critters and animals that everyone should be aware of. Based on the itinerary that you have, you should get ready to deal with whatever it is that you might encounter, including the following.


If there are hundreds of piranhas that meet a cow in the water, it only takes 5 minutes for the cow to be stripped to the bone. Roaming, smaller schools are still much more dangerous than many imagine. Piranhas are attracted by blood but also by water noise and splashes.

You can actually go to Columbia in order to fish for piranha but you need to be careful. These fish have razor teeth and can take your finger off. Be sure you are careful when the hook is removed.

Vampire Bats

There are close to 1,000 bat species and just 3 are blood-consuming, or vampire. The Choco region in Columbia is known for its insect and fruit-eating bats but you can also find some that are not that interested in that part of their diet. During the night, you will not see the vampire bats, but you will hear them. Eventually, they are going to attack so there are some distractions that are actually present in many residential homes. Vampire bats end up attacking mosquitoes and leave people alone.

Giant Squids

Many think that giant squids are myth but they are actually real and end up killing around 2 local fishermen every single year. Usually, the attack happens during the night as the fishermen are launching flash lights or torches in order to attract fish schools while being in 25 feet wooden boats.

The problem with the giant squid is that 2 long tentacles have some bony hooks. These are used to hold the prey while the mouth has a deadly structure that is more effective than scissors, being able to go through bones and flesh. Small giant squids are so dangerous that they can easily kill a man.


Meeting a bull shark that is two and a half meters long can easily swallow a 20-pound fish in one bite. Unfortunately, in the event that the food is attached to a fishing line, problems tend to appear. These sharks are very strong and will get back to attack those that attack them or are perceived as attacking them in order to get free. In areas where sharks are present it is better to just throw away the catch instead of annoying the shark.


Columbia is a true paradise for every single adventure seeker and nature lover out there. It is really important that you know all that you can about the different dangers that you might encounter while you see those animals that you truly love. Have patience and be informed! This is definitely the best thing that you can do in order to protect yourself and those that you love.