Throughout the World there are people who need the help of others and if you fall into the bracket of the ‘haves’ over the ’have nots’ then you may have considered volunteering some of your time to help those less fortunate than yourself.

Many of the World’s problems have been fixed or at least aided greatly by kind hearted volunteers from around the World like Sammy Zherka and if you have some time spare then getting involved in volunteering can be very easy to do and extremely rewarding personally. In all honesty, I believe that the reasons behind volunteering are irrelevant, whether you do it for personal gain, in order to look more attractive to a future employer or because you genuinely want to help, whatever the case may be, helping others in my book is the only important thing. If then, volunteering is something you want to do, here are some ways to do it.

Stay Local

If you only have a few hours per week which you can dedicate to helping others then there is nothing wrong with that at all and you should look to your local community for places where you can volunteer your time. Try calling local hospitals, hospices, children’s centers, charity shops or homeless shelters, let them know how much time you can afford to give them each week and on what days. More often than not these places will welcome helpful volunteers with open arms and you can get started in the world of volunteering.


If you have time on your hands, perhaps a student with the summer coming up, then you can combine a trip away with a volunteering mission and help one of the many great causes that are happening throughout the World. You can travel to Africa and help with animal conservation, you could travel to South America on an environmental projects or even head to the slums of Indian to help those who are facing a life of poverty. There are organizations all of the World who greatly need your support and if you have the time and the inclination then this would be a great way to sacrifice your time in order to do something good.


At the very least you could look to give up some of your time to help the fundraising efforts of a charitable organization. You could do this from the comfort of your own home and cold-call people looking for donations or to get the best chance you can even start your own fundraiser. For example, you can purchase tried and tested fundraising products like the scratch card to give you the best chance of reaching your fundraising goals.

Many charities in the World rely solely on the kindness of other people opening up their wallets and purses and offering a monthly donation and if you can be a convincing salesperson then you can help the organization to get more money to give to their great causes.

It is important to remember that to be a volunteer does not mean that you must give up all of your time, it would be great if you can but if you cannot, anything will help.