The Royal Meeting at the Ascot starts June 22nd, 2017 and you could be one of the lucky ones. Of all the big horse races coming up, you should be preparing yourself for five days of competitive spirits on the Emerald Isle. If you’re hoping to make the most of your picks this year for the Royal Meeting then you need to bet on Ascot Final Day at William Hill Ireland. William Hill is one of the world’s most prominent bookmaker in the world. They have become the home of betting for more than 16,000 dedicated employees across the globe because they care about your picks.

The Most Valuable Horse Race in Britain

The Royal Ascot is home to the most valuable horse race that Britain will ever known. Located in Berkshire, England, the event will draw competitive gamblers from all over the globe. Fortunately, Ireland has an advantage over most other countries in the world because the Emerald Isle is nearly within spitting distance of the event, from a global perspective. Most Irish gamblers will not be able to make the trip to Ascot in June 2017, but they will still be able to make their picks through William Hill. The prominent company has 10 locations in North Ireland alone and houses one of the most user friend interfaces in online betting. This year, you’ll want to be able to place your bets from anywhere in Ireland while you’re celebrating the event with your best friends.

Pound a few beers and start planning your bets because, on the final day of the Ascot, you’ll be needing to place a bet that could impact the rest of your life. Forget the Belfast crowd and focus on your picks. The Royal Ascot will pull in a suspected crowd of 300,000 people into the town of Berkshire which means that money is going to be flowing. You should read every scouting report that you can get your hands and think about a modest 20 pound wager to get you started.

The Hardwicke Stakes is one of two Group races on the last day of Royal Ascot. A Group Two occasion keep running over a distance of 1 mile 4 furlongs, the Hardwicke Stakes is an extraordinary race for more seasoned stallions that spend significant time in center separations and to get among the 200,000 prize cash.

It is normal to see steeds come back to keep running in this race in sequential years and both Maraahel and Fruits of Love have won the Hardwicke Stakes in consecutive years in the last 10 years. This year, the Americans are coming to over half of the races. Last year, when a trio of American racers appeared at the Ascot, there was a surge of payouts to British and Irish betters whom knew the competition better than their online betting American counterparts. This means that the Irish truly have a chance to win serious money this year.