Dr Kami Hoss, an orthodontist and super dentist with his own practice in San Diego believes that braces are a phenomenal tool available to you to improve your teeth. Long gone are the days when braces were heavy clunky metal contraptions that could cause you a lot of pain. Now there are many different types of braces for both children and adults. The options available to you do still include traditional braces which are still sometimes required, ceramic braces, lingual braces and Invisalign braces.  So, here are some pros and cons of the various types of braces orthodontics near me.

Traditional braces are not as large and cumbersome as they used to be, they do not create the mouthful of metal look that they used to rock quite well. Today they are far less obvious and instead of the large clunking wires that were wound around the teeth, they now use heat activated wires that use the body’s natural heat to speed up the correction process and to reduce the pain that used to be associated with these types of braces. These types of braces are also the cheapest and you can now get colored bands instead of the metallic ones of old. On the other hand, though they are still the most visible of the choice of braces.

Ceramic brace also known as clear braces, are the same size and shape as their traditional metal counterparts but they are made to blend in with your teeth by being teeth colored. You can also get clear wires which will continue to reduce the visibility of the braces. They are also proven to bring about quicker realignment of the teeth but as a consequence of this, the materials they are made from and their visibility they are more expensive by far. They are also easy to stain with food and drink and thus they require more maintenance to keep them invisible. Ask your dentist about this.

Lingual braces,  the least common types of braces, are made the same as traditional braces but with one important change, they are designed to push the teeth out from in over and therefore are not visible at all. They are however difficult to clean, expensive, only suitable for minor alignment issues and much more uncomfortable especially at first. It is also harder for your dentist to realign them , you don’t want to have to have a pain relief drug just to get your braces adjusted!

The most modern form of braces is Invisalign braces they are individually made aligners that your dentist will make for each tooth and which look a bit like a mouth guard. Every two weeks your super dentist will remove and replace these as the teeth become more and more aligned. They are preferred by adults and only available to adult and teens, you can eat and drink what you want with no effect to them. On the negative side they are very expensive, they are not suitable for children who are still growing and not suitable to resolve all orthodontic problems. They are also easy to lose and one of the most expensive options. Talk to your dentist about the best option for you or your child.