Blogging is not only a great way to release your creativity, it can also be a great way to connect with the world, build a community and to make some money. Travel and food blogger Eva Loviais someone who has created a large online presence for herself based from her blog. Eva has amassed a huge following thanks to her beautiful content, her liability and her hard work. We managed to caught up with the trending blogger to find out what tips she may have for those looking at launching a blog.

Keeping it Niche

Eva knew that travel blogging is something that every man and his dog does, so she wanted to add a different layer to that in order to help her stand out. This is why Eva also focusses heavily on the good side of things, with recipes, reviews and even some cooking videos. Eva says that picking a niche is a vital way to gain a more loyal following and this is something which every blogger should aim to do.

Covering All Bases

To compliment her blog Eva began her own Twitch channel ‘MadeWithLovia’ where she regularly shares videos of her cooking meals and experiencing food from all over the world. In doing this Eva has connected with a wider audience as some will enjoy reading the information on her blog, whereas others prefer videos, in doing this Eva has provided content for both of these types of internet users.


The notion that if you ‘build it, they will come’ is simply not true in the world of blogging and if you have worked hard on putting great content together, you must sing it from the rooftops. Driving people to your site can only come from a smart marketing campaign on social media channels, plus a smart SEO approach. Eva has not only marketed herself on these channels but she has also utilized hashtags and calls to action in order to help her blog find further popularity.


The most important thing for any blogger to consider is the quality of their content and this is something which you will live and die by. Even if you only have 10 people hitting your site per day, you must ensure that every piece of content on the site is something of value and that it is of high quality. Whenever you finish a piece or an article, ask yourself what value you are offering the client, as well as asking whether or not you would read the piece. You must strive consistently to provide high quality content, both for SEO reasons, and in order to give your users a better experience. If you are simply churning out articles then you will never reach the level of popularity that you are looking for.

Remember to keep the content high quality, market your site and don’t just stick to one medium.