Here in Kanabec COunty, Minnesota there is nothing better to do than to spend your weekends out on the water in your pontoon boat. Each weekend you will see water full of people enjoying their time on the pontoons, the boat of choice up here. The reason why the pontoons are so popular is because they are cheap and durable, easy for beginners and you customize them however you want to. When customizing your pontoon there is only one place to go and that is Tramms Welding, the one-stop shop for all of your pontoon solutions, and the perfect place to get your customizations completed. These boats really lend themselves to being customized and here are some ideas which you could think about when customizing yours.


There are many boats out here in Kanabec County, Minnesota which have been converted into small bars for their owners to enjoy. Thanks to the space and stability of the pontoon boats you can really go crazy with your ideas and a bar is the perfect option. Even with a bar installed on the boat you can still have plenty of space to put a small seating area for the guests to enjoy. There is even one pontoon which frequents the waters up here with space for 10 paying guests, not a bad way to enjoy your time on the water and make some cash whilst you are out there.


For a simple customization which the whole family will enjoy why not think about putting a couple of slides or a diving board on the side of your pontoon? My friend recently did this and the last time that I spoke to him he was waxing lyrical about how much the kids loved sliding off the side of the boat. Again, the strength of the pontoon means that you can easily add some hardware like this to the boat, and it won’t change its stability or the way that it drives. A recent report that I read said that the best course of action here was to place the structure of the slide on the boat, and then use and inflatable side to attach when you plan on taking her out, this helps with transporting the vessel.


The deck of the pontoon is easily large enough for you to put an indoor and an outdoor section which is perfect for those who don’t enjoy getting too much sun. The best option is to install a small roof on one section of the pontoon, which can easily be supported at the base by the deck itself. Once you have your indoor area you can go crazy with ideas, and it can provide perfect relief for anyone who wants to get out of the sun, or away from the rain. Many pontoons these days look more akin to RVs because of the indoor section which they have installed, and I they look absolutely fantastic.

Review your pontoon and see what you can do differently, the possibilities are endless.