Every summer, the football season ends, and a void is created in our Saturday afternoons. Without the football to entertain Swindon Town fans, you might think that they would find themselves staring at the walls, or driving aimlessly around the magic roundabout, searching for the meaning of life. Thankfully, the club and their fans have been working hard to keep everyone entertained. Fans have been engaging with the club from afar, taking part in competitions, games and challenges set by the club and players. If you’re stuck for ways to pass the long Saturday afternoons, here are some ideas of how you can pass the time.

Swindon Town FC has been engaging with fans in new ways. On their official Twitter account, they have been playing ‘Who Am I?’, giving clues to fans and asking them to guess which player, past or present, they’re describing. It’s a great way to stay connected with the club, and you might learn a thing or two about teams gone by.

If you’re missing the excitement of the game, then you might enjoy virtual sports. This year, the Grand National was held virtually, and it is likely that many other sports will be too. What’s more, you can still bet on your favourite games. If you’re enjoying the online version of betting, you might want to try out some other online versions of popular games too. For instance, BetMGM offers both sports betting and online slots. If you’re looking to pass the time and have a go at something new, a BetMGM account will offer a $25 free play no deposit bonus, and there are over 400 slots to choose from.

Swindon FC are also using their social media platforms so that fans can stay engaged with their favourite players. Swindon FC midfielder Danny Rose has been challenging fans to try different tricks in their garden, encouraging people to stay active. If you’ve got a couple of footballs to hand, you could definitely have a go at Danny’s latest challenge.

If you head over to the Swindon Town FC Facebook page, you can also find archive footage of your favourite Swindon Town moments, such as the incredible 2012 moment when Lee Holmes took the cross-shot winner to give Swindon Town FC a 7-point top of the table lead at the expense of their Northampton rivals. You’ll instantly remember where you were when it happened, whether you were at the game, or at home with a beer.

It’s always a tough summer when the football stops and there are no international games to fill the void, but you can count on the club to keep spirits up. Before you know it, the summer will be over, the football will be back and you’ll be sitting on the sofa with a cold pint, hopefully enjoying a succession of Swindon wins. And if you can brave the cold British weather, you’ll be back on the terraces cheering Swindon on, whether they’re home or away.