Easy-to-Move Furniture

If you’re contemplating a big move and feeling stressed out, you’re not alone. According to research from Yopa, 60 percent of people have put off moving because change is stressful, 34 percent found it more irksome than a divorce, and 31 percent found it more taxing than having a baby.

Let that sink in for a moment and you’ll realize the stress of moving isn’t in your head. Although you may not be able to do anything about the stress of house hunting and the impending change, you can make your move easier by finding easy-to-move furniture.

Whether you’re hoping to alleviate the pain of future moves, or just want more flexibility to change up your home decor, here’s how to find easy-to-move furniture that works for your lifestyle.

Know What Will Fit Your Space

After finally finding that perfect piece of furniture, you may quickly discover it’s too big to fit through your door frame and into your house. Talk about a lesson learned the hard way. With that in mind, before you make such a big purchase, make sure it will be a good fit (in more ways than one) in your home.

Case in point: that impossibly comfortable yet supportive mattress may look great in the showroom or online but feel overwhelming large in your living room. Thus, study the dimensions of your mattress or frame and tape it off on the floor of your bedroom.

Then, go ahead and put a blanket and pillows in the taped off space to determine how much space it will take up. When you know your furniture will fit in your space, it makes it that much easier to move and arrange.

Look for Furniture That Can be Easily Disassembled

Before you invest in your next big piece of furniture, ask yourself if it can be deconstructed to make it easier to move. After all, the ability to remove a pedestal from a dining room table and easily take apart a desk is worth the investment if you ever plan to move.

Sectional sofas and modular furniture can also be disassembled with ease. But that doesn’t mean you can never buy that dream furniture if it doesn’t break apart. Instead, focus on making most of your furniture easy to move and save those that can’t for the must-have pieces in your life.

Make it Multi-Functional

One way to make furniture easy to move is to have less of it and make it multi-functional from the start. For example, this Simple Living five-piece dining set with storage ottomans combines the ease of a small, compact table that can be taken apart with square stools that double as storage ottomans. These pieces are easy to move, and that means you won’t have a need to purchase other storage pieces like trunks around your house.

Simplify the Moving Process

There’s no way around moving being a source of stress, but you can simplify the process with easy-to-move furniture. From knowing your home’s dimensions before you buy to determining whether modular furniture and multi-functional space savers are right for your space, investing in the right furniture from the get-go can make moving a little more enjoyable.