Having a female best friend is the best, so you’ll no doubt want to make her birthday extra special by planning an awesome day of surprises. While you know a lot about each other, it can still be difficult to find the best birthday gifts for her, especially if she’s hard to buy for. This list includes a bit of everything in different price ranges, so you can pick what fits her best and make her feel good on her special day.


Chances are, you probably know what looks good on your friend better than she does, so why not take this opportunity to buy her something she might not pick for herself. There are lots of options to choose from. You can look for stylish plus size dresses online or a cute denim jacket in-store. Keep in mind her sense of style!

Instant Film Camera

It seems that instant cameras went out of style long ago, especially with the advancement of cell phone cameras. While those are nice, there’s something to be said for photos you can print out. That’s why instant cameras make the perfect gifts.

Luckily, they’ve come a long way since the 1980s. Today’s models are much smaller, produce crisper prints, come with built-in flash and can focus as close as 2 feet away. That’s ideal for picture-perfect selfies and for printing out memories.

Bathtub Holder

If she loves to spend time in the bathtub, gift her with a stylish bamboo bathtub holder to hold things like wine, a tablet, books or whatever. Don’t just stop with the holder, but make it a complete package by also getting her favorite anti-aging cream or bath products for a spa day at home. You can even add towels or washcloths in her favorite colors.

Designer Lunch Bag

Does she like to bring her lunch to work but is too fabulous for brown bags? Then buying a designer lunch bag will fit the bill. Kate Spade bags are popular and start at around $30, but of course, you can choose one from her favorite designer.

Life Planner

If she likes to plan and schedule things, your best friend will love a life planner. These have evolved into wonderful tools that allow users to preserve memories, stay organized and achieve goals. You can get them in many styles to fit different needs and budgets.

Yoga Set

If your best friend practices yoga or has expressed an interest in starting to pursue it, support her desire to stay healthy with a yoga kit. While these come in assorted styles, make sure the chosen one includes at least a non-slip mat, foam blocks, a hand towel and a cotton strap that functions as an aid to achieve challenging positions. If you slip in some yoga books, DVDs or pre-paid yoga classes, she will end up with a wonderful present.

Long Distance Touch Lamp

A long-distance touch lamp is a nifty gadget that keeps friends connected over physical distances. This is a bit different because you buy a lamp for yourself as well. Both people connect their respective gadgets to their Wi-Fi. When one party touches her lamp, the other’s will light up. This shows you’re never far away.

Gift Cards

Gift cards might seem impersonal, but they can come in handy when you want to give clothing. That way, she can choose her own gift. They also work for her favorite beauty or food stores. Just make sure that you also buy her something else so that she can enjoy the fun of unwrapping mysterious gifts.

No matter which of these presents you decide to give, make sure to send a delivery of her favorite flowers on her birthday. This will start her special day off on the right foot.