Today, it is possible to purchase an affordable GPS tracking device that is absolutely tiny. So tiny, in fact, that you can use them in a variety of different ways, but specifically to keep track of your belongings. How you do that, and why you feel the need to do that, is entirely up to you.

How Does a Miniature GPS Tracking Device Work?

These devices are fitted with a tiny SIM card. You put credit on it, which allows you to check where it is 24/7. All you have to do is dial the associated number, and you will receive a message from the chip that tells you the geographic coordinates (longitude and latitude) of the card. You can enter these coordinates into Google Earth, for instance, or use any other service provider, and find out exactly where on the planet it is.

These devices come with a lithium battery fitted to them, which usually lasts for a few days. After that, it will need to be recharged. Because of the advanced GPS technology contained within them, they are accurate to about a meter, which means it is very easy to find them. Should someone accidentally move them from where you stored them, therefore, you can easily find them again.

You can even now get devices like this that come with audio technology. This means you can monitor sound if you want to as well. Furthermore, they can be geofenced. This means that you tell them in which area they should always be and, if they are removed from that area, you will immediately receive an alert. This makes them perfect for certain types of surveillance. Plus, if you don’t want to use them covertly, they also come with a panic button, which someone can press if they are in a difficult situation. They are quite commonly used, for instance, for victims of stalking or domestic abuse.

How to Use Miniature GPS Trackers

This type of equipment is something you would expect in a James Bond movie, but it is now accessible to all of us. The cost of insurance is only rising, and by having this type of surveillance in place, you can bring that cost down because you will have round the clock monitoring.

Alternatively, you can use them to make sure your children or elderly relatives are where they say they are. We live in scary times, so it is good to know where your loved ones are at all times. While some may say that this means you are giving in to paranoia, the reality is that bad things happen and this type of device can give you tremendous peace of mind.

Best of all, running such a device isn’t expensive at all. Because of supply and demand, they are now readily available from various online stores. They make a great Christmas gift as well, therefore, and could even be used as a stocking filler.