Modern kitchens are more than a cooking space. The room is more of a welcoming space for family and friends. Visit any kitchen and you will be amazed by its furnishings. Kitchen worktops are the most visible features in a kitchen. This is where most of the food preparation and cleaning is done. Therefore, worktops, ought to be easy to clean, durable and water resistant. They should also be stylish and appealing. Are there worktops that meet all these requirements? Granite worktops are probably the best you can have in your dream kitchen. Here are some of the benefits of granite worktops over other worktop options.

It is durable

Granite is a strong stone. It cannot be easily broken. You can do all your rough kitchen chores on granite worktops and they will still be fine. Additionally, these worktops have a special seal on top which is anti-scratch.

Adds value

It’s best to improve and upgrade your home. When it comes to the kitchen, there are home remodelling and renovation ideas you can consider, adding to its value. Are you still using traditional worktops? Granite worktops are not only durable but also add value to your kitchen. If you are planning to sell your home, you can add to its market value by installing granite worktops.

Natural look

If you have not installed granite worktops, you must have seen them online. Granite has a unique and natural look. The look can also be customised in terms of patterns and designs. From a reliable fabricator, you can find granite worktops in London in different colours, shades and unique patterns.

Less dirt and no bacteria

Compared to other worktops, granite worktops are non-porous. Granite does not absorb liquids. You don’t have to worry about water or oil spills. It is easy to clean with a piece of cloth. These countertops also don’t absorb dust. Some countertops are vulnerable to bacteria. Thanks to granite’s non-porous nature, there are no chances of hosting bacteria.

Heat resistant

Are you restricted from placing hot cooking utensils on your countertops? Then you should install granite worktops. These countertops are not affected by heat or cold. Granite is heat-resistant; you can place hot utensils on it with no worry.

Easy to maintain

Finally, granite worktops are easy and cheap to maintain. Besides being easy to clean, these worktops require less maintenance. Once installed, you don’t need to hire professional cleaners as is the case with some countertops.

Based on the advantages and features, granite worktops are no doubt the best countertops. When you remodel your kitchen, let granite worktops be your first priority. With their long life and quality, these countertops are worth the price. Granite is perfect to be used in your kitchen and bathroom remodelling.