Moving to a new home is never an easy task. In fact, it is one of the most stressful things we ever put ourselves through, and it does not get any easier with time. You might have thought it was hard work to move when it was just you, or perhaps you and your partner, but by the time you’ve added kids, pets and the accumulation of a few years of life to the equation, there are ten times more factors to consider.


It is not all doom and gloom, however. Moving is also an incredibly exciting process, and it does not have to be a stressful ordeal if you follow some basic tips.

Plan ahead

It probably sounds obvious, but the biggest cause of stress is a lack of preparedness. Even if you are not usually a list person, you are going to have to make one if you want to get through this process relatively unscathed.

Sort out as many of the annoying details as you can beforehand. You will have enough to deal with on moving day without worrying about the electricity supply, home warranty options and insurance, mail redirection, and similar tasks. These are all things you can get set up weeks in advance of the move. In addition to getting them out of the way, you will also get a buzz from having items ticked off so quickly.

Get everyone involved

If the kids are constantly under your feet while you are trying to pack, you will start getting short-tempered, and if you are too busy packing to pay any attention to them, they will get bored and end up under your feet.

Stop the vicious circle from getting a chance to form by involving the whole family in the preparations. Find jobs for the youngsters to do. Not only will they feel more involved, but they will also have a better understanding of what is going on and be more likely to feel anticipation rather than trepidation about the forthcoming move.

Take the opportunity for a declutter

Don’t just pack. Instead, go through the house and place everything into categories such as items to be packed, sold, given away to charity, and thrown away.

Kids outgrow clothes, books and games at an incredible rate, so get them involved in the decision-making. Anything they no longer need can either go in the trash, be given to charity or perhaps could even generate some useful cash.

It is not just the kids who amass a tremendous number of possessions; we all accumulate junk over the years. Be equally ruthless with your own belongings, and only take what you really need. Clothes are a typical example, but in this digital age, do you really need all those CDs, DVDs and books?

Moving day

With everything packed up, you are ready for the arrival of the moving company. Take a deep breath. This is going to be hectic, but you are almost finished! The movers will most likely show up early, so if you are planning on one last leisurely family breakfast, make sure everyone wakes up bright and early!

Once you have wolfed down your early-morning breakfast, make certain there is enough room for the moving truck. Get your car out of the way because they will want to get as close to the door as possible.

When they arrive, everything will seem like a whirl. This is the moment to get yourself and the kids out of the way. Movers are professional people who do this every day of the week, so let them get on with it. The most important thing is to make sure the coffee-making equipment has not been packed yet so you can keep them operating at their peak!

They will get everything packed up faster than you might have thought was possible. When they are finished, take a final tour of the house just to make sure nothing has been forgotten.

Welcome home

Moving out can be an emotional experience, and there is nothing wrong with wiping a tear from your eye as you see your family home reduced to an empty shell and close the door for the last time. The good news is that moving in is a much nicer experience.

All the sadness will be forgotten as you enter your new home and start unpacking your life from all those boxes, ready to create a whole new set of memories. Keep calm, and enjoy your family relocation. Now, where did you put that coffee machine?