Playing sports is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and it’s something that people have been doing for thousands of years. Today, there are dozens of different sports to choose from, ranging from extremely simple to incredibly complex. 

There are plenty of benefits that one can expect from playing sports on a regular basis. This includes social interaction, physical activity, reductions in stress and anxiety, and much more. For those that have been wanting to play sports for the first time or want to try something new, these are some of the easiest sports around that are both quick to learn and simple to play. 

1. Swimming

Swimming is one of the few sports around that works out the entire body, and it’s incredibly easy to lose a lot of weight when swimming frequently. While learning to swim while young can be difficult, once a person knows the basics, they can jump into a pool and begin swimming lengths with ease. For those that don’t have a pool at home to swim in, it’s just as easy to sign up for a gym membership and use the large pools that the gym has, which can often be heated. 

2. Running

Unlike swimming, which relies on pools that might not be accessible to everyone, just about everyone in the world has the opportunity to indulge in running. It means simply going outside and running around the block a few times, or having a designated running route that takes the runner through the area that they live in. Running is good for both the body and the mind, and most experts agree that running for around an hour and a half every day will lead to long-term health benefits. 

3. Soccer

When it comes to competitive group sports that are simple to play, there are few better than soccer. With a long history and wide accessibility, soccer is a fantastic sport that only requires a field of play as well as a soccer ball. It’s also a great way to be more social, as it means having to interact with a number of people while out on the field, and it’s a sport that everyone should give a try at one point or another, although it will never be a true replacement of the fun offered by Black Lotus Casino. Soccer also stands apart thanks to the fact that it’s home to some of the very largest sporting events in the world, which are perfect to watch with friends. 

4. Basketball

Basketball is primarily based in the United States, but it’s a sport that has been gaining popularity around the world in recent decades. It requires a bit more gear in order to play, but not nearly as much as is needed for games like tennis or baseball. Here a basketball and a basketball court is needed, but it’s usually easy to find one that’s large enough for more than a few groups to play at a single time. The rules are straightforward and easy to remember, and the gameplay is fast paced enough to keep it exciting.