There are more than a few reasons why every gym needs plastic tags or fobs. Apart from granting access to gym members, these tiny plastic miracles are a great branding medium. These plastic tags are highly affordable and they have now become a standard give-away with new gym memberships.

In this post, we are going to reveal why plastic key tags, in particular, are suited for gyms, health centers, and yoga studios. Without further ado, here are 5 reasons every gym needs custom plastic tags.

Affordable Branding Medium: Most local gyms have limited marketing budgets. This means renting billboards in high-traffic areas or buying TV spots are not really viable options. Key tags are a great print medium that really gets people talking about your gym. The shiny plastic surface offers a more premium look and feel than traditional paper printed materials. Best of all they are affordable. Custom plastic tags branding is not only significantly cheaper but they are also seldom thrown away. Unlike pamphlets and leaflets, plastic tags grant access to gym members. Now, because they serve a practical purpose they get carried around by members, which invariably boosts brand visibility.

Easier to Carry Around than Cards: Plastic tags and fobs are great because they are compact enough to be used as key tags. Some businesses give away credit-card sized membership cards, which are great for carrying around inside wallets and purse. However, they often don’t enjoy the same degree of visibility. Key tags often get attached with house keys or car keys. This means every time the member is outside there is a chance the tag and the brand will be noticed by others. It’s also much more convenient to carry around a small tag than to make space for an entire card inside a space-depleted wallet.

Seamless Member Access Management: Plastic tags have just enough space for a barcode. Working in tandem with door access barcode scanners, these tags help identify members and seamlessly allow access while barring unauthorized entry. Fitting barcode door scanners help gyms save money that would otherwise go into setting up manned security checkpoints.

Plastic is Sweat and Water Resistant: You cannot expect gym members to keep the tags dry. While paper gets damaged pretty easily, plastic is completely waterproof. This means they can be carried inside sweaty pant pockets without the risk of moisture-induced damage. Considering plastic is far more durable then paper, these tags require fewer replacements, thus saving the gym money.

They Can Be Shaped Like a Dumbbell: One of the advantages of hard plastic is that it can have complex two-dimensional shapes. This means they can be shaped to match your gym’s logo or any other innovative design. They can even be specially machine-cut to look like dumbbells. If that doesn’t get people to talk about your brand, nothing will. With this degree of design flexibility, you can create key tags for your gym that can potentially become conversation starters. This boosts word-of-mouth marketing and gets you more queries for new memberships.