Have a fun in new Zealand’s wild coastlines, mellow atmosphere and unimaginable assorted variety of national parks make the ideal setting for each sort of outside movement – particularly those of the more extraordinary bore. Regardless of whether you’re whipping through white-water rapids on a pontoon, jumping out a plane with a parachute close by, climbing up a solidified stream, plunging towards the ground with only an elasticated rope among you and unavoidable demise or skimming around gorges on a fly vessel, one thing is sure: New Zealand will get your heart siphoning. It will likewise leave you with probably the most essential encounters of your life. We’ll start with a definitive act of pure trust…

Bungy Jumping

Deserting each sense in your body and venturing off an edge like a phantom – parcels and bunches of dainty air – with just a celebrated versatile band tied round your lower legs is one of the most invigorating, one of the most alarming and one of the best time things you would ever do. This adrenaline fuelled movement – referred to the world as bungy bouncing – happens the world over, yet the spot generally synonymous with the game is New Zealand. Also, with its sensational chasms, immense extensions and taking off bluffs, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. The Ben Nevis Valley in Queenstown remains a definitive spot, with the world’s second most noteworthy bungee bounce and the world’s most noteworthy bungy swing.


The beguiling landscape of New Zealand is noteworthy enough from ground level, yet taking it in from a bird’s-eye see, and at the same time feeling adrenaline course through your veins as you dive towards earth at max speed in a 60 second free fall, is an entire other encounter altogether. We are, obviously, looking at skydiving; like a bungy bounce, aside from extensively higher and without any ropes. You do get a parachute however, and once it opens (keep those fingers firmly crossed) you’ll have the option to loosen up only a little piece, drifting over any number of regular miracles. We enthusiastically suggest jumping out over the wonderful Bay of Islands in the most distant north of the North Island; over the uneven districts in the focal point of the North Island; over the shocking snow capped areas of Queenstown, Wanaka and Canterbury in the South Island; and over the flawless pools of Fiordland National Park in the furthest south of the South Island.

Fly Boating

Envision a speedboat zooming over the sea. Presently diminish the profundity of the sea to a couple of centimeters. Presently include sheer precipices either side of you. Toss in a couple of sharp curves. Make the bluffs smaller and include a cascade or two. Speed up and do two or three 360 moves. At this point you ought to get a thought of what stream sailing involves. To be specific, whipping through shallow crevasses at huge paces, flying round corners and pressing between rough deterrents, and playing out the sort of moves that can more readily be depicted as tricks. In some other piece of the world, this white-knuckle action would be saved for just the most in-your-face thrill seekers, yet here in New Zealand it’s for all intents and purposes standard – tame even. The best areas to encounter fly drifting are the Whanganui, Waikato and Rangitaiki streams in the North Island and the Queenstown, Canterbury and Makarora zones in the South Island.

Icy Mass Walking

The words ‘strolling’ and ‘outrageous enjoyment’ are only sometimes observed together in a similar article, however toss in two or three tremendous, gradually moving greater part of ice and a few crampons and ropes, and things begin to bode well. The Fox Glacier and the Franz Josef Glacier are arranged in Westland Tai Poutini National Park, on the west shoreline of the South Island, and, due to being two of the most available ice sheets on the planet, they are available to walkers. The landscape is genuinely heavenly, other-common nearly, yet in addition astoundingly perilous, so having a guide is significant. The two icy masses offer half and entire day undertakings, and furthermore a blend of by walking and helicopter trips.