Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will host the ISM Ministers’ Network Conference, scheduled to start in late April 2018. This year will mark the 7th celebration of God’s Word. It will be presented by the International School of Ministry.

The conference will run from April 30th, 2018 through May 2nd, 2018. The ISM Ministers’ Network Conference is popular and always well attended. Hundreds are expected to gather at the International School of Ministry. The school is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The school was founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in 2007, and since its inception thousands have received their religious ministry training with the Pastor and his staff. Both the Ministry and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome invite Pastors, senior ministers, and religious leaders from around the world to attend. To obtain additional information and register for this inspiring three day event, please click here.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was born in Edo, Nigeria in 1963. He has decades of experience as a preacher, a teacher, and an evangelist in sharing the Christian beliefs of God and the Bible. He is recognized universally for his religious leadership. He holds many prayer events and services throughout the year. Pastor Chris teaches healing prayers, and many come to him in need of healing and hope. He preaches of the importance of leading a good Christian life. He cites verses from the Bible to help his church members relate it to their everyday lives.

He is the founder of the Christ Embassy Church. Pastor Chris serves as President of the Church, which also goes by the name of the Believers’ Loveworld. It has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. As a young man, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome attended Ambrose Ali University, located in Edo State. It was there that he completed his schooling and achieved a PhD.

The Christ Embassy Church reaches Christian far beyond its headquarters in Nigeria. It has millions of loyal followers around the world, and additionally many of its services are televised. Daily prayer sessions at the Church are televised, and viewers can hear the powerful words of Pastor Chris come right into their homes. Christ Embassy Church also sponsors a healing school. Pastor Chris’s brother, Ken Oyakhilome is a renowned minister at the Believers’ Loveworld Church. He has served in the Church in South Africa as a pastor, and he is now at the Texas location of the Church. Pastor Chris’s sister, Katty is also active in the Believers’ Loveworld, serving as Director of the Music Ministry, the Church’s Creative Arts Academy, and also the Children’s Ministry. Pastor Chris is the eldest child in the family.

He is also recognized and highly regarded for his writing. He has been the author of many books on healing, inspirational prayers and devotions, among others. Much of his writing, in the form of short articles can also be found on the Church website. The articles are relevant and thought provoking.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s teaching and tutoring is not only for the young students of the ministry. Instead, it will teach and inspire the more senior ministers of faith just as effectively. The coming together of religious leaders from around the world, regardless of their background or spoken language, is certain to be a source of spiritual learning for all.