Having your child accepted into an institution of higher learning is a wonderful achievement. It offers them a chance to follow on a path that can take them to a great career and potentially financial freedom.

There’s a considerable amount of effort that must be put into getting a young person in school these days. They must be funds allocated for college preparatory taking tests and preparing for those tests. There may be additional expenses for visiting college campuses in Oregon or other potential places.

Additionally there’s all the time that must be spent filling out college admission forms and learning about the strengths and weaknesses of the schools to which your child applies. So when your child is accepted at a university or college it is cause for celebration and both you and your child should be equally gratified.

Unfortunately, the celebration must be brief because there is so much work to do to prepare your child to do his or her best at the next level of education. And it is important to take serious what needs to be done because it will more than likely be the difference maker as to whether your child has a successful or unsuccessful time at their chosen institution of higher learning.

For this reason, top educators like Patrick Lanning recommend some very important tips and suggestions for ensuring that your child is best prepared to reach his or her potential while at school.

Talk to them about the seriousness of this next level of schooling

These next four years are the transition point between your child being a student and being an adult. What is required of your young person is that they develop the skills and demeanor that will allow them to be successful in their working lives. This means they must be prepared to take on responsibilities that adults manage every day.

They need to appreciate that although you are there as their parent, it will be up to them to set the path and stay on it. You will not be able to look over their shoulder and to correct every decision that takes them off this path. Instead they must create their own methods that keep themselves in line.

This means staying away from negative influences, people, and situations that can cause outcomes that might jeopardize their education. This also means understanding and adhering to all rules and regulations of the university. It is not enough to only be prepared with an excuse, the plan of attack must be to always stay within the rules so no excuses are ever needed.

Encourage them to always do their best

Universities invite students from all over the state, country and around the world to come together and learn. What often happens with students when they get in this environment, they get overwhelmed by the enormity and the diversity of people and cultures. It may be revealed that there are others were much more intelligent, and much more prepared to do well. This going to have an effect where the young person feels inadequate and incapable.

What parents can do is to remind the student that college is not a contest, it is about doing your individual best. And no matter what any other student is doing, it should not impact in any way the feeling that your young person has about him or herself. In other words, make sure they understand that even if they are not school valedictorian, if they do their best, they can be even more successful than that person.

Being prepared is the key to success in any endeavor. When you take the time to prepare your child for this new journey, your child will be better off because of it.