I must confess that as a Brit I have never really had much love for North American sports, and in the main it is simply the stop-start nature of them that I take issue with. The sports themselves are good fun and I have even enjoyed playing them on occasion as well. During a trip to Canada last year however, I discovered just how much I enjoyed ice hockey and I have been hooked ever since. Peter Triassi  Montreal Canadiens super fan and one of the kindest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, was amazing at explaining things to me and I have been lucky enough to get back to Montreal twice to enjoy a game with him. 

I get what Peter sees in the game now, and here is why I think it is one of the best sports out there. 

Fast Paced 

As I mentioned the likes of MLB and the NFL offer up some exciting action but in-between there is just wasted time as you wait for the next play to start. Basketball is also exciting and fast paced, but again there just feels like too much by way of stoppages. Ice Hockey on the other hand, that is a fast flowing game which is really allowed to breathe. There are still stops of course but they feel more spread out and less frustrating. 

Types of Goals 

At first glance you look at those tiny goals, the big goalkeeper and consider how on Earth the puck is getting through. After watching a few games however you will quickly see just how creative these players can be and there is a wide range of goals that can be scored, from long distance to short. 


I had heard that there was a lot of aggression in this game but I had no idea just how much. Each hockey match I saw was packed with players slamming one another into the plexiglass, starting fights and going in for some meaty discussions once they were off ice. I also enjoy the fact that much of this is encouraged and it does seem to be that the players themselves know where the line is and rarely take things past that line. 

Games Galore 

One thing that I will say for North American sports is that they know how to pack the schedules and ice hockey is no different. During the regular season there are at least 3 games per week, which of course is absolutely amazing, especially if you are a super fan like Peter Trassi. I have to admit that although I have learned a lot about the sport and its history, playing the game is something that I am yet to master, mainly because you first need to skate, then play. 

Have you watched a game of ice hockey before? What did you make of it? Could it be a sport that you would start watching more of? Let us know in the comments section below.