In America, there’s a shift happening in finances. It’s estimated that nearly 15 million individuals in the country are turning their backs on conventional sources for loans in lieu of the help non-traditional lenders can offer. There are plenty of reasons why someone would contact a direct lender for a small dollar loan, but perhaps the greatest advantage these lenders have over conventional sources is their time frame. When you need quick access to cash, there’s no faster way to get the money you need than with a direct lender.


Financial institutions are beholden by investors and internal safeguards that affect the speed at which they can review, approve, and facilitate loans. Direct lenders, such as MoneyKey, have streamlined their process, eliminating any red tape that may slow down their ability to review or facilitate their financial products. As you can see when you visit, a direct lender aims to remove complexity from their approach to lending, thereby limiting the amount of time it takes you to read through contracts, apply, and receive your money.

On your end, applying for a loan is a simple process. You need only basic contact and financial information to submit your application. If you qualify, the lender will contact you to verify the information you’ve supplied. Should everything check out and they approve your loan, they’ll use the email and banking information you’ve provided to electronically deliver your loan. There’s no need to meet face-to-face or pick up your cash in person. That means you don’t have to disrupt your day in order to get the financial assistance you need.

Before you apply for a small dollar loan, it’s important to do your research. A direct lender should meet certain criteria regarding their business before they prove themselves as a responsible lender. Like MoneyKey, they should have a license to operate as a lender in your home state. These licenses are issued by the state’s government to protect consumers from predatory lending methods. If a lender has a license, then they meet all legal requirements of a responsible lender. Affiliation with the Online Lenders Association (OLA) and the Community Financial Service Association of America (CFSA) is another way you can confirm the validity of their products.

Finding a practical loan is just as important as finding a fast one, and the responsibility lies with you and only you. Don’t let others make your financial decisions for you; take the time to evaluate the source of your loan before you apply and confirm it’s a manageable fit for your finances. When you stick to a state licensed direct lender, you can rest assured you’re making a responsible financial decision that’s a fast one, too.