Birthday decorations are an essential aspect of any birthday party and to take them one step further you can look to personalize them for whoever’s birthday it is. What this will do is make the birthday girl/boy feel extra special and also feel pride that this is their special day. There are so many opportunities which you have to make this all about them, and here are just a few ideas which you could consider when selecting different details for the party venue. 

Zodiac Touches

A lot of people take their zodiac sign very seriously indeed, and adding decorations to the event which feature their star sign is a great way of creating a bespoke theme for their party. There are many sites that have a broad range of zodiac decorations that feature the name and visual depiction of their star sign, adding a nice touch to their party. 

Candles With Pizzazz

More often than not birthday candles are pretty plain, they light, they are blown out and they are reused for the next party someone has. Instead of this, however, you can see this as an opportunity to really do something spectacular when the cake is brought out. There are multiple options here such as candles that relight after being blown out, sparkling candles to bring the 

‘wow’ factor, and even musical candles for something a little bit fun. 

Photos of the Special Guest

Adding photos of the person whose birthday it is can be a great way to put a personalized stamp on proceedings. Aim to get as many photos as possible from all stages in their life. Not only will this remind everyone just whose party it is, but it will also act as a celebration of the person’s life which brought them to this point. You don’t have to go overboard here in terms of high-quality printing, simply printing onto paper will still give you the desired effect. 

Special Message

Many years ago getting a famous figure or celebrity to leave a birthday message was almost impossible, but all of that has now changed. Thanks to a number of websites that work with these individuals, you can get a custom message for the special guest, from one of their favorite public or famous figures. This will prove to be a great surprise for the birthday boy/girl, and they will love having someone whom they look up to record such a message for them. 

Thoughtful Playlist 

When you are putting together a playlist for the party, try to avoid just going down the well-trodden path of party songs. Instead, speak with the other friends and family members to find out exactly what kind of music the special guest enjoys. Using this information you can put together a playlist for them which will act as the perfect accompaniment to their evening of festivities. 

These are simple touches which will really make the party special for the person who is celebrating their birthday.