Doing our bit to help save the environment may involve small acts and changes in our everyday life, such as buying recycled products, driving less, or even reusing your grocery bags when you’re at the shops. We all know how important these small steps are in our journey to reducing our carbon footprint, so if you’re thinking about upgrading your window treatment, fitting shutters to your windows is a great way to start. While interior shutters look aesthetically pleasing, there are three important eco benefits they also offer that you need to know about. 

Lock in heat

Heat can be lost through glass, so ensuring that windows are fitted with the most suitable treatment is essential when you’re trying to reduce your energy usage. Plantation shutters are proven to be an effective way of containing heat. Installing made-to-measure shutters will ensure that they fit your window from edge to edge, covering any air leakage spots and adding another layer of insulation. 

Retaining hot air will result in you not having to turn your heating higher – plus you’re less likely to use it as often, which will reduce your energy bills. When it comes to the summertime, you can angle your shutter slats, or have your solid-paneled shutters wide open to create a refreshing flow of air ventilation.

Natural light

We can often see out of windows, small or large, and ideally they’ll light up the interior with the daylight outside. Rooms with smaller windows require more attention. You want to avoid flicking that light switch on if you can help it. Unlike heavy curtain drapes that will darken a room with their thickness, a lighter set of plantation shutters will brighten up a room and make your room appear larger. Larger windows instantly look luxurious, and to make the most of them, they should be dressed effectively. Plantation shutters do a great job of drawing your attention to your windows. During the daytime, adjust the panels or slats and watch as the light floods in. When you’ve got as much natural light as possible, you don’t have to automatically go to the light switch – another helpful way to reduce your energy usage. 

Eco-friendly materials

As consumers, most of us want to make sure that we find value for money, and nowadays the materials used to build or create products play a large part in our decision-making. Look for shutter companies that pride themselves on using high-quality materials in their design and craftsmanship. When you’re searching for wooden shutters, sustainable hardwoods such as elm and poplar produce strong timber ideal for long-lasting, quality plantation shutters. Using sustainably sourced wood is kinder to the environment, and being superior quality, you’ll know that they’ll make a beautiful set of shutters. 

There you have it: three handy, useful-to-know ways that plantation shutters are an eco-friendly choice of window treatment for your home. If you’re thinking about changing your existing window dressing to a more economical alternative, then it’s worth considering these three points when browsing the market.