Running a business requires you to have a proper financial strategy in place, especially if it is a growing one. You need to keep costs down and reinvest as much as you can into the business to overcome the challenges that come with the early stages. One of the expenses that can cripple a business is acquiring business premises because it costs a fortune. This is where the question of whether your business needs a temporary or a permanent premise sets in. You also need to know how secure the structure will be because you cannot afford to risk your stock. A secure structure should protect your goods from known hazards, and this also helps you to save on insurance premiums.

Selecting the right structure for your showroom

Smart space gives you the option of choosing from their high quality temporary and permanent buildings for your business. The buildings can be used for diverse applications such as warehouses, workshops, car showrooms, and sports facilities. If you are still torn between which type of structure will work best for your business, why not find out more information by visiting their website, which gives all of the features and benefits of each building?

When we mention temporary structures, what comes into many people’s mind are tents, gazebos, marquees, greenhouses, sheds, and prefabricated cabins, while for the permanent buildings it includes brick and mortar, steel, or aluminum structures. The more we look at the quality and uses of the two types of structures, the more we realize that the dividing line is not so sharp.

Factors to consider when making your decision

Do you require relocation?

If your business requires you to relocate from time to time, it is better to choose a temporary building. This is because it can be installed on different sites as many times as need be without interfering with its quality.

The duration of its use

When you need temporary space, then a temporary showroom can suit you well. You can choose from the different types of temporary building materials available because each material has a different lifetime. Different materials also have different costs and the experts will advise you correctly.

Construction period

You can construct a temporary building in a period of 7 to 28 days because the materials are designed in a way that makes them easy to set up. Permanent buildings take a long time, and this can delay your business and affect it negatively. Temporary buildings make strong and secure spaces because they are prefabricated to stand even on uneven ground.


Temporary showrooms save the day because you can rest assured that you have the flexibility your business requires whenever the circumstances change. It also gives you the peace of mind to know that you will not lose the building materials when you have to relocate your business. Temporary showrooms will serve all of the same purposes as a permanent showroom and can have useful life of up to 30 years in the case of a steel structure.