Learning how to accurately predict NFL results can be tricky business. This is because when betting on an NFL game, there are many factors to take into consideration. 

The good news is that there are also many ways to go about predicting NFL outcomes as accurately as possible. 

Below are some guidelines for turning you into a more successful NFL punter. 

The Deciding Factors

A great starting point is knowing exactly which factors decide the outcome of a game. 

This process includes taking a closer look at every part that comes together to make a successful and winning team. 

Below are some important facts to keep in mind:

  • The quality of individual players and how well they manage to come together as a whole. A good example is of how many folks tend to misunderstand the concept of what constitutes value is the typical mistake of focusing only on the quarterback. While the quarterback certainly matters in the greater scheme of things, no quarterback will ever be able to win a game on their own. Instead, the quality of every single individual player on the team should be taken into account. 
  • The balance of the team. Within this context, balance refers to how many players stand out from the crowd. For example, in a situation where there are only two or three good players, there will be no balance – no matter how exceptional those players perform in the game. Team effort should never be underestimated. 
  • The team’s strengths and weaknesses. Every human being has strengths and weaknesses, and so every player does too. Should a team be exceptionally strong on the offense, but weak on the defense, or vice versa, this must be considered when placing a bet. 
  • Pressure. How well or how poorly a team and its individual players perform under pressure is a biggie when deciding on a bet. 
  • Consistency. Consistency is perhaps the biggest deciding factor from a betting perspective. When a team plays consistency, it becomes much easier to base NFL predictions on what the outcome will be. 

About Game Conditions

Game conditions can, and usually do, have a major impact on individual players. 

Weather conditions can sway a game either way. 

Another condition to be mindful of is the venue. Research shows that home teams win around 60% of their games. Home field advantage should not be underestimated. 

Also critical when making an NFL prediction is a team’s playing and travelling schedule. Just like any other traveller, an athlete can also become jet-lagged and fatigued when on the road or in the air for long periods of time. 


When placing a bet on the NFL, it is critical to consider the recent performance of a team and its individual players. 

Winning can have a positive mental impact on a team’s players, and this is likely to affect future games in a positive way. By the same token, losing can be demotivating and lead to poorer performance. 


By using statistics to predict the outcome of an NFL game, punters can more accurately determine a future result. Statistics is all about using math and specific information to your advantage.